What Do Surfers and Electrons Have in Common

In this blogpost I will try to explain the project in which I am participating. The project is called Visualisation of Electron – Phonon Coupling in Organic Semiconducting Materials. I am assuming that the main target audience for this blogpost is

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If you can visualize the shape, you can understand the system

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) was a Scottish theoretical physicist. His most prominent achievement was the formulation of a set of equations over which we walked in the hallway of James Clerk Maxwell building at EPCC supercomputing centre (University of Edinburgh). His

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Learning is gaining

We are living the real parallel computing revolution. The concern of forefront scientists has become mainstream with high performance computers and new environments. During my first half of a time in Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) I have learned a lot

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One framework to simulate (nearly) every problem: Welcome, OpenFOAM!

The topic of our projects in Istanbul is simulation and visualisation of bioflow in coronary arteries. Since a lot about visualisation software such as ParaView and Visit has already been said, today we want to introduce the simulation software we will

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Para arriba…

After two weeks in Barcelona I have to say that applying for SoHPC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s not only the everlasting warm weather, sand beaches, unique architecture, lots of places to visit, great people

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The Celtic Explorer

Background My project is going to be a part of an already started project. The Celtic Explorer is an Irish research vessel that is used frequently in many research expeditions and carries a large array of scientific instruments. The simulation

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Killing the supercomputing Hydra

I guess you all heard about the story of St. George and the Dragon [1]. According to the legend, the Dragon caused many problems to the ancient city of Lasia, somewhere in the near East. The Dragon was really bad,

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Site Spotlight: EPCC, UK

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. A picturesque city of about half a million people, known as the “Athens of the North” during the enlightenment due to its classical architecture and intellectual activity, is on the UK tourism map, second only to London,

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Golden City of a Hundred Spires

The first two weeks are already over as time flies by. Since we are making good progress on the project (Niki will give you an update on that!) we paid a visit to Prague. Since we had roughly 2 days,

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CFD For Disasters

Natural disasters have been present since the beginning of time. In the beginning of June, more than 7,000 people were evacuated in the region of Bohemia, because of the flooding of Vltava and Elbe rivers [1]. According to estimates, the

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A Week Full of Surprises

Man at Work We arrived at the first day, after a long and peaceful weekend. Lukas went to the beach, but concluded it was too small for him. There are more to look after. Days in Copenhagen can be tricky,

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Quiz – clustered data using k-means

Moti and I work on the k-means clustering project, you can read our first post about it. Now we prepared a short and easy quizz related with k-means topic for you. When you cluster dataset using classic k-means algorithm you

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Discovering the Energy of the Future

The essence of our projects is adding new functionality to existing software. However, as software is only a means to an end, a question arises right away: what is it going to be used for? The answer is an exciting

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EXIT Festival next to Belgrade

Last weekend I’ve been to Serbia as a special guest at Onur & Caoimhín’s place. The travel from Budapest was a bit long by train and quite rough due to several police ID checks. However, I met a friendly Serbian

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Working with Climate Data

Greetings from the Irish Centre of High-End Computing (ICHEC) in Galway, Ireland. I have settled down, learned the basics of what I need for my project and started working on it. My project involves processing and visualization of climate data

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Plasmary, plasmary night

What is the best way to visualise a vector field? In 2D, the answer is obviously field lines since they elegantly show both the direction and, by their proximity to one another, magnitude of the field. Since the lines never

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A Greek in Edinburgh – PART 1

It’s been 2 weeks now and still i can’t believe i’m here!I survived through the training week – although i did learn a lot of about OpenMP and MPI – and now the time has come for me to actually

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Belgrade Broadcast

It has been a great first week here in Belgrade, full of learning, meeting fascinating people and seeing beautiful sights. We are working here in the Institute of Physics Belgrade(IPB). Onur is looking at the Visualisation of electron-phonon coupling in organic

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In the heart of Europe…

In the heart of Europe and more specifically in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, I will spend my summer. The city is split in two parts by the Danube River, the Buda and the Pest. The Pest side, where both

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Computational fluid dynamics for clean society

My Project My project is on Wind loading on solar trackers in Slovenia and is very interesting from a technological perspective as well as an environmental view and I use computational fluid dynamics as tool for the analysis. My project mentor Mr.

Barriga llena, corazón contento

As soon as I’ve got to the capital of Catalonia, the second largest city in Spain, I couldn’t move my eyes away from the beautiful sea and the shiny sun. I have spent my first days around the sights in

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First week in Copenhagen

First Meeting and Introduction When Moti and I  met in front of the main building of Niels Bohr Institute (NBI), it was no more than 17 hours since we arrived to Copenhagen. A joint breakfast was waiting for us together

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Making the science flow

My project here in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is entitled “Visualisation support for scientific workflows with VisIt Kepler actor”. This is specific enough for anyone not knee deep in the field of scientific modelling to not have any clue as to what

The Three Musketeers in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The journey to Ljubljana was a long one – especially for Mathi and Evguenia, who had to catch a flight from Edinburgh at 6am and had a layover in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, after plenty of naps on the plane, the two

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First glimpse of the data

Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten quite used to loading .dat files of row data into matlab for visualisation. In matlab it’s easy, just type “load(‘filename’)” into the command line (or matlab script) and matlab returns an array

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