When FORTRAN met OpenCL – A Love Story? (of Integration)

Both of the projects Lukas and I are working on, here at NBI Copenhagen, are based on FORTRAN. Either Photon-Plasma simulations or CESM for climate modeling (as most climate modeling software around). Certainly, a vast majority of scientific code is

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Work smarter, not harder

to zhe laboratory!

A part of my project includes writing a plugin to help visualize data. For building plugins, I needed to compile ParaView from source and as you may or may not know, installing programs this way can sometimes take a considerable

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Lost?! Follow the orientation of a liquid crystal!

In the field of condensed matter physics, liquid crystals have a particular relevance due to their complex phase behaviour, their role as functional states of matter and particularly also because of their relevance for technological applications. Actually, the antithetic and

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The Man Who Invented the 20th Century

It would be unthinkable to spend the summer in Serbia without visiting a museum dedicated to its most famous citizen, so Onur and I took the chance to visit the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. In all honesty, it’s difficult

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How fast is a dinosaur?

Is a dinosaur faster if it has longer legs? Is it better for it to be bigger, and hence cover more distance, or to be smaller and lighter? Which species is the fastest? Thanks to high-performance computing, you will soon

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Surfing in the HBONE+

After 3 weeks of acclimatization in Budapest, I am finally ready to present you the NIIF Institute where I am currently working with Elisavet. The first weeks were mostly about learning how to use new tools and how to send

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