Simos Kazantzidis

 My name is Simos Kazantzidis and I am from Greece. I studied Computer Engineering at the National and Kapodistrian  University of Athens. I am a postgraduate student in Bioinformatics of Information and Technologies in Medicine and Biology (I.T.M.B) at the

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Conor Larkin

Conor Larkin is from Ireland where he has spent the last four years obtaining a BA in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin. He wrote two final year theses, one surrounding an investigation of effective bosonic string excitations in a U(1)

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Ondřej Vysocký

Ondrej is a 23 years old Czech and he is pursuing his master studies at the Brno University of Technology in programme Intelligent systems at Faculty of Information technology. After finishing his master studies, he is going to continue in

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Sarah Jenkins

Sarah is from The University of York, England. During her time there she studied physics, specialising in computational magnetism. This led to her masters thesis being entitled “The atomistic origin of exchange bias in Iridium Manganese/Cobalt Iron bilayers”. This is

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Anna Chantzoplaki

Anna Chantzoplaki will be working on the project “HPC Cluster Challenge” app with Nick Brown & Amy Krause, in EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. She is really excited and looking forward to it. Anna is 25 years old and

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Mircea Simionica

Mircea Simionica is 24 years old and he is originally from Romania but has been living in Italy since he was 12 years old. He is currently studying for his Masters in Quantitative Finance at Bocconi University in Milan. His

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Jana Boltersdorf

Jana Boltersdorf is from Neuss in Germany and will spend the summer at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center. She will work on parallelizing a Fluctuating Finite Element Analysis (FFEA) tool using MPI. Jana is 23 years old and currently a

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Paolo Grossi

Paolo is 23 years old and comes from Italy. He graduated some months ago with a Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Parma. He heard about the Summer of HPC thanks to his brother and he was delighted to

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