MediVis project at Ostrava – CT prefiltering, segmentation and visualization

In this post I would like to continue the introduction section with the prefiltering, segmentation and visualization parts. As it was mentioned before, during the scanning process the CT machine recreates the inner image of the body in sequential axial

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MediVis project at Ostrava – CT scan

At this time I would like to introduce you to my project at IT4I National Supercomputing Center at Ostrava, Check. During this summer I was involved in a very interesting Post-processing and 3D visualization for medical 3D Visualization from CT images.

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Exploring Germany

Now that I have settled into life in Jülich (and on a good day I can get to the office without getting lost), I decided it was time to explore the surrounding area.  There are many larger cities surrounding the

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Two months of Ireland in photos

The Summer of HPC is almost at its end and I feel the need to reflect on everything I have experienced during these two exciting months. With so many various adventures, I found it hard to summarize, so I decided

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4 things Irish people should know before they go abroad

Since getting a chance to travel a bit I’ve noticed a few things that I wish I had known before I leaving Dublin. For my fellow Irish I have compiled this short list of things you should keep in mind in hope that

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Update from Nicosia

After barely surviving last week’s heatwave, I’m quite pleased to report things have cooled back down in Nicosia to an almost chilly 37 degrees. In the weeks since my last post, I’ve had the good fortune to discover Nicosia’s wide

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Visualisation of FFEA tool results

Hi all, have you noticed that it is end of summer? This summer was so crazy fast, that I almost didn’t notice. Now it is time to explain to you what I have done during the last two months. Don’t

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Numerical Algorithms in LQCD

Here I will attempt to explain some of the more technical numerical aspects as to the algorithms being used in tmLQCD and some other interesting things about QCD. A computationally significant part of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics is the solving of

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Zagreb, Vienna, OpenFoam vs ANSYS

I’ve had a busy and fun couple of weeks. After weeks of wrestling with OpenFOAM I finally got some results comparable to experiment and the commercial CFD software ANSYS. As usual, I’ve been traveling on weekends whenever possible. First the

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The Art of Signal Processing

This blog will concentrate mainly on the processing methods that were employed for Martian surface interpolation. Our main aim was to use single satellite tracks that provide two dimensional cross sections of the Martian surface and subsurface. Clearly, to present

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A (hopefully) gentle introduction to lattice QCD

As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, my Summer of HPC project is optimizing software for lattice quantum chromodaynamics computations. Since this probably doesn’t ring a bell for someone who has not studied physics, I will try to provide

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This summer is hot!

Dear readers, in this blog I offer a brief digest of impressions, memories,  and thoughts from the past few weeks, when I started on my adventure/journey for wisdom and experience in High Performance Computing in two beautiful cities Barcelona and Budapest. At

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Nothing more equal than two parallel lines.

There is nothing more equal than two parallel lines- hence why we have two parallel lines as a sign of equality ‘=’.  How is this related to programming? This particular fact isn’t, however we do use the concept of ‘parallel’

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Feelings during the summer of HPC – Ostrava

After one month, I am pleased to say that I am enjoying myself here. I think it is not an exaggeration to say that everything has happened according to Murphy’s law. J So I am full of positive experiences, let’s

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Docking in BSC

Until now everything ran quite quickly. I still can not believe that the first month has already passed. So far it has been the most important working experience in my life. I liked everything in Barcelona because it reminds me of

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“ARCHER Challenge” sneak peek

Since we are heading towards the end of our summer school I would like to give you a small preview of my project, the name of which is “ARCHER Challenge”, named after the UK National Supercomputing Service, located a few

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15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 3)

The first and probably most important task due for our third week in Edinburgh was the Week 3 report. It’s not only about presenting our project after about two weeks of work but also updating the time schedule and preparing

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I know we’re supposed to not care how it works as long as it works. But last Monday we decided to throw caution to the wind and went down into Salomon’s layer (room where they keep the supercomputer). This is

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Exploring Slovenia: Maribor, Koper, and Ljubljana zoo!

In my third week in Slovenia I was lucky enough to have my girlfriend join me from the UK. We started by going to Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia. Luckily, Slovenia has an excellent car sharing service so

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Parallel boundary point method: Matlab has surrendered to C++!

After a little bit over a month of coding I can finally state it: Matlab has been knocked out! Both by the serial and parallel version of the C++ code actually. I am satisfied with that. Ever since I started

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Hola Barcelona!

HPC’s introductory week in Barcelona ended up with beautiful pictures of young team-spirited researchers who, despite the difference of their fields of study they, all had something in common: they were ready to disperse throughout the world in order to

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Sightseeing memories in Italy

Hi everyone! I would like to share my sightseeing memories in the training week and the first three weeks of Italy. We went to Barcelona for the training week . During the week, we had got some background on high performance computing, parallel programming, and 3D visualization

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People make Edinburgh

Last weekend we went for a 1-day trip to Glasgow. All over the city there are flags, leaflets, and adverts with one interesting slogan: PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW. I think that this phrase is absolutely true and also it is not

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Exploring Slovenia: Postojna and Bled

After a week of settling into life in Ljubljana the time came to explore a bit more of Slovenia. My colleague Mircea and I were very kindly taken to Postonja by the Ljubljana site coordinator Leon Kos. Whilst there, I was surprised

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R together ZeroMQ: and everything becomes possible!

At the time of writing this post, I have now reached more than half of my summer experience given to me by the Summer of HPC. I can say that Ireland and its climate, a major concern for an Italian

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