Visualization data pipeline in PyCOMPSs/COMPSs

Project reference: 1601 COMPSs is a programming model and runtime that aims at parallelizing sequential applications written in sequential programming languages (Java, Python, C/C++). The paradigm used to parallelize is the data-dependence tasks: the application developer selects the parts of

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Smartphone Task Farm

Project reference: 1611 EPCC has developed a prototype for a smartphone app that demonstrates parallelism and task farms in a distributed computing environment. It is targeted at outreach events where visitors can join a compute “cluster” with their own smartphone by


15 January 2015: Programme announced 01 February 2015: Projects are available for preview and possible clarifications. 20 February 2015: Application starts 08 March 2015: Application closes (extended on 6 March 2015) 15 March 2015: Application closes 22 March 2015: Recommendation

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