How To Build Your Very Own Graphics Engine

Disclaimer: This post will not teach you how to build your own graphics engine. It may, however, delight and confuse you. In my previous post (which you can find here) I introduced what radiosity is along with why and how

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Breaking the 4th dimensional wall of object tracking

another brick in the wall

My first Monday morning in Copenhagen, Konstantinos and I met the guys working at the Niels Bohr Institute and we had a very delicious breakfast together. Seriously, Danish pastries are so good I can understand why the Danes named them

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I’ve had it with these Motherlovin’ Bugs on these Motherlovin’ Multipoles!

moth, c++, pointer errors, segfault

My project has reached a turning point! What I’ve now got is an Multipole2Local segment of the Fast Multipole Method written in C++ using HIP and thus it runs on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. The next step is to

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Life of Py


August 7th 5:30 am, Copenhagen Central Station. I spent the weekend exploring the city along with my roommate Alessandro and my friend Antti, who traveled from Jülich to visit us. Among other activities, we walked the helical corridor to reach

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Climbing higher everyday

During this summer I’m trying to get a little better every day. As a hiking enthusiast, I really love to get on track during weekends. Scottish Highlands paths seem to be slightly worse maintained and much less congested than Tatra Mountains

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Shared But Hard to Use: Helping Climate Researchers Share, Discover, and Use Data

1. The Problem Sharing data among researchers is usually an afterthought. In our case, data is already shared publicly on a data repository, which is called DSpace. DSpace serves as an open-access repository for scholarly data published in various scientific

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Exploring Edinburgh, Python coding and many more

Hello everyone, Greetings from Edinburgh’s sunny festival season 🙂 During the past few weeks I have been both exploring this vibrant city and cultivating my Python programming skills. I will give you more details about how my work has been

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Quality measure comparison of Slovenian landscape and iterative methods

Since in the last entry I promised that I am going to talk about the comparison between the fixed point method and the projected gradient method I will dwell on this. But first of all, let me show you some of

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Which is the busiest node in the HPC cluster

What is a high-performance computer (HPC)? In simple terms, nowadays it is a cluster of innumerous ‘mini’ computers (nodes) interlinked by the same network. When a big calculation is submitted to the HPC, it will be fragmented into thousands of

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It’s Alive!

In my previous post it was all just dry theory and nothing to show (apart from a great food picture). Today the post will only be about presenting the “cool stuff”, and for that, just for you guys, my buddy

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Bridging the gap between High Performance Computing and Big Data

In today’s blog post, I’ll talk about the successful (yaaaay!) progress of my project with a technical point of view. So if you are into Computer Science, I’m sure you will find this interesting! This post will be structured using

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That’s hot

Over the past decades, the planet has been experiencing worldwide climate change. In particular, the global warming process is characterized by drastic weather events, such as long periods of drought, or short intense precipitation. These can crucially affect vegetation and

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The triple P conundrum

Pasta, pizza and ParaView are the topics I want to talk about in this post. As a Catalan guy, I’m used to the Mediterranean diet and it is impossible for me not to talk about food when staying in Italy.

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Can you put bones in a blender?

In my previous post I mentioned that a team at IT4Innovations developed an interesting Plugin for Blender which is useful for processing Computed Tomography (CT) images. In this post, I will briefly discuss how this tool makes it extremely easy

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PRACE Summer of HPC 2017 Training Week

Most Summer of HPC participants arrived in Ostrava on Sunday. For them, an adventure that will see them away from home, friends and family for a period of two months had just began. But this adventure would see them working

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The Case of the Missing Device Function

It's me, browsing my Magic: the Gathering collection.

My project has been progressing quite well and a bit more of that in the next blog post. However, this time I present a more detailed description of the beginning of my project. The narrative may have been dramatized in

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Accelerating iterative solvers by chance

tools of the trade

The project I have laid my hands on goes under the fancy title of Hybrid Monte Carlo Method for Matrix Computation on P100 GPUs Now most will understand the ending, but not the beginning of the above. Thus I’ll endeavor

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Beats of Bratislava

First Impressions Here we go, my second official blog post (does this mean I can add blog writing to the skills section of my CV?). I think I’m starting to get the hang of this blog writing stuff (I’d appreciate

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My journey to the summer of HPC

—May all your dreams blossom ✿   Friends, are you considering applying for the PRACE Summer of HPC program but are concerned that you might not have the relevant experience? Are you worried that your programming skills are not good enough

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Vectorization and The eye of Jülich

Hello, with this post I would like to give an update about my project and other interesting activities. My current progress is mainly related to exercises for using vectorization and the Xeon Phi co-processors and therefore it would better to

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Collect-Organise-Visualise: A Visualisation Dashboard for Fostering the Exploration of Climate Data

Visualisation is realising a growing recognition as a pivotal part of the data analysis process. As the title suggests, the project aims to avail data visualisation to help the climate research community answer or discover interesting questions about the field.

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Discovering the secrets of El Niño

El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a major climate pattern that consists of oscillations of the meteorological parameters in the equatorial Pacific ocean. It happens every 2 to 7 years but it is not periodically stable. What is ENSO? Normal weather

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Make it simple but significant – HPC usage visualisation

Almost two weeks have passed since my first visit to EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. I met my mentor in the first week and we’ve started working on my project from the first minute of our meeting. A little

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Introduction: Trifactorization in Ljubljana

After an exciting training week in Ostrava, Paras and I had probably the most convenient travel possibility to our site because Leon brought us to Ljubljana by car. On the way, we made a small detour to listen to a concert

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The Sweet Sweet Sounds of Radio-City

Be it in films, visual arts or computer games, photorealistic rendering of a virtual scene has been a hot topic for decades. The ultimate aim of my project is to create a photorealistic render of a simple scene like the

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