Vienna ,Es war sehr schön, es hat mich sehr gefreut !

IT ,Vienna Technical University, from first Turkish Coffe Ceremonies

Schnitzel Lady writes,
I miss the Turkish Coffee Ceremonies in Vienna Technical University, IT department. And of course,

‘Ich möhte eine Melange , bitte‘. 🙂
First of all, I am very happy to have been selected for this project and to spend the summer in Vienna.
It was an experience for me that I will never forget. First I want to thank Siggi. Because He always helped me and taught me a lot (Ezgi please write to here, dot / dot dot / ) . Er ist einfach perfekt

Then Markus was very helpful. Markus always said to me; Ezgi, get 1 more Slurm, please.. Because I really had a hard time understanding what they were doing at first. And I learned to say ‘alles kaput‘ when things went wrong. But they always helped me. And we completed the project on time.
I just couldn’t visit the Albertina Museum, it was a little sad not being able to go when it was so close to it.

And then We met Dominik ( @dominikf) , who lives in Vienna within the scope of SoPHC, in the garden of Vienna Technical University, went to the Palm Garden with him, we sat on the grass and talked about projects and life. After the pandemic, I realized that we all have similar concerns.
Dominik is smart and has a great clean energy 🙂 Good to meet Dominik. We’ll meet again, I know. You can find it here ;

 Dominik Freinberger ;

from that beautiful day with Dominik

And Finally What Did i do ?

Here I saw a place that I was very curious about. We visited the VSC-3 (Vienna Scientific Cluster) center with my mentors ,Siegfried and Markus . In an area slightly outside the city, there were many VSC centers within the research centers affiliated with the Technical University of Vienna. So very, very much GPU and CPU..
I couldn’t imagine it was like this. So where so many processors come together.. Just like a science fiction movie, but actually just HPC..

And in My Project (Project Number : 2222), a drug design study is carried out to block viral ds-DNA associated with many viruses, especially HIV/AIDS and HPV, using HPC. GPUs are used to speed up MD simulations and MM-GBSA/MM-PBSA calculations are performed within HPC. With the calculations we have made, we have obtained different and exciting results than we expected. You can watch my final video here. It was a great program, it is announced to those who are interested..

My Final Video ;


And when I was in Vienna, I felt very motivated and happy. While I was there on the subway, I always listened to this song ‘KADEBOSTANY – Another Sunrise’..

I wish a world full of health and peace for all of us.

Life is beautiful as you discover it..

Ezgİ (not etskkıı)

I am doing my master's degree in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at Bahçeşehir University / Faculty of Medicine. I also work in the Computational Biology and Molecular Simulation Laboratory (Durdagi Research Group ( Project 1: Software Based Drug Development Project: 'Discovery of Paxlovid Analogs as SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors'. Project 2: Structure of human Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase-associated protein virtual screening and reconstruction of target drug molecules, (Covdock-MD-MMGBSA at Schrödinger) Project 3: HPC-Derived Affinity Enhancement of Antiviral Drugs

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