A little bit about myself and Boltzmann-Nordheim equation

A little bit about myself and Boltzmann-Nordheim equation

Hey there! My name is Artem, I am a master’s student of Mathematical Engineering at the University of Padova, Italy. This year I am finishing my thesis work on parallel preconditioners, more precisely I am working on GPU implementation of FSAI preconditioner for general matrices. My story with High-Performance Computing (HPC) began with a course from my curriculum (try to guess its name..) since then I was fascinated with parallel algorithms. Moreover, I am interested in numerical methods. Good thing for me that parallel algorithms go hand in hand with numerical methods.

At the beginning of this year, I was not so sure about my future, therefore I decided to look for some opportunities and after a short search with my interests, I already bookmarked the PRACE summer school. Among many attractive projects, I found project 2122 “Numerical simulation of Boltzmann-Nordheim equation” which was in my area of interest and in correlation with my curriculum.

The Boltzmann-Norheim equation or quantum Boltzmann equation describes the time evolution of a gas. When this gas formed by bosons is cooled down to a low temperature we can observe a Bose-Einstein condensate which is one the most striking quantum phenomena in nature. It is also described as the fifth state of matter. The study of this equation is still undergoing and can bring us closer to an understanding of this quantum effect.

Since this equation is potentially written in 7D phase space (1D time + 3D space + 3D velocity), it is a challenge to come up with a numerically fast, accurate, and stable scheme that solves the problem. The purpose of this summer school is to extend the present work of KINEBEC project to a non-homogeneous case.

With the help of PRACE summer of HPC program this year I will join together with my fellow teammate David Knapp the KINEBEC project!

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One comment on “A little bit about myself and Boltzmann-Nordheim equation
  1. David Knapp says:

    Nice Introduction, especially your explanation of the Boltzmann-Nordheim equation!

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