Antonio Miranda

Antonio Miranda

Hi everyone. I am Antonio Miranda, writing from Bologna, where the second step of this adventure is taking place!

And I say second because, as opposed to many of my colleagues, my journey actually started in Barcelona. There I had the opportunity to visit BSC, meet leading-edge researchers working on HPC and see one of the largest supercomputers in the world, Mare Nostrum: 

Fun fact, BSC supercomputer was built inside a church.

I graduated from Biomedical Engineering and right now I am studying a master on Big Data at University Carlos III, in Madrid (Spain). Despite I specialized in Deep Learning during my master, this summer I will travel to GRNET, in Athens, to complete a project on drug discovery using Free Energy Perturbations.

In addition to solving problems in life sciences, I deeply enjoy talking with friends about politics, history of science, the Marvel Universe…anything with a beer in our hands, plenty of time and without any worry.

In the following weeks I will be posting my work, my thoughts and adventures in Athens. Keep an eye on my posts to walk this path with me!

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