Applying to Summer of HPC

Who is eligible?

Any student, over the age of 18, who is registered at a European institution, is eligible to apply.

Are final year students eligible?

Final Year students are eligible, as long as they are registered students at the time of application.

What is involved in the application?

The application will consist of an application form,  and a CV.

Can I apply to be placed in my home country?

Students cannot apply to be placed in the country in which they currently study. If you do not study in your home country you are eligible to apply for placement there.

Will there be an interview?

Some sites may interview applicants. These interviews will likely take place over Skype during late spring.

Where can I find out more about the projects?

Further details can be asked in the projects preview time, before application starts. Post any questions to programme coordinator and not to project mentors. Clarification will be posted on the project page in question.

Where can I find the code test that is to be completed with the application?

The Code Test is presented the Registration Form (application page) where you need to attach the reslting code and paste output at submission.

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