No Tenim Por

The candle vigil at La Rambla and Catalunya.

~ We Are Not Afraid ~ When I last wrote for this blog we were having a good time at “La Festa” – mild injuries notwithstanding. This was, as we all know by now, rudely interrupted by the terrible event

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Baptism of Fire

Devil costume with fireworks.

~ how NOT to prepare for an adventure ~ A new beginning The morning broke, as it always does, with the ringing of the clock reminding me of the fact that I should have made the appointment with my bed

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Accelerating iterative solvers by chance

tools of the trade

The project I have laid my hands on goes under the fancy title of Hybrid Monte Carlo Method for Matrix Computation on P100 GPUs Now most will understand the ending, but not the beginning of the above. Thus I’ll endeavor

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Anton Lebedev

Careful theoretical analysis

“A typical German guy”. That is me, Anton Lebedev, according to my co-conspirator Aleksander Wennersteen, who will be joining me at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in Spain to work in the domain of general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPU)

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