Algorithms and Adventures

In my previous post I discussed Job Scheduling algorithms, now I will tackle how we are approaching working with them. In my project, the NEXTGENIO research group (which is part of PRACE) have made a HPC system simulator that allows

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Job Scheduling Algorithms and The Open at Carnoustie

I’m well underway into the PRACE Summer of HPC program and my project is going well. I am working with Dr. Nick Johnson (link) on the NEXTGENIO  project (link). Here is an introduction to my project. HPC systems are expensive

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So what’s HPC? An overview

So I’m over here in Edinburgh working on a project in the field of “High Performance Computing” (HPC), but what does that mean? I didn’t know what that was when I was first introduced to it a year ago, so

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printf(“Hello World!”);

Welcome to my first blog post, (Apologies as this is quite late in being posted, as I’ve had a few hectic weeks, with moving accommodation, getting started on the project and just adjusting to living here.) Enough excuses, back to

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