If you like history then you’ll love Italy!

This time more about my whereabouts in August of 2015. During the summer time, especially in August, Italy is on vacation. Many people go to the seaside or retreat to the more fresh climate in the mountains. The consequence is

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The Art of Signal Processing

This blog will concentrate mainly on the processing methods that were employed for Martian surface interpolation. Our main aim was to use single satellite tracks that provide two dimensional cross sections of the Martian surface and subsurface. Clearly, to present

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Revealing Mars with Programming

This blog will be mainly devoted to my project of visualizing the surface of Mars. The data used in this project derives from MARSIS radar which is carried by spacecraft Mars Express. The satellite was produced by the European Space

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Discovering Italy

After an intensive training week at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center the time arrived to say goodbye to all newly acquired friends and start the journey to Italy. Me and Cem took a taxi to Barcelona-El Prat Airport because no public

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Cem Benar

Cem Benar is attending the Summer of HPC programme from Ozyegin University, Turkey. He is 22 years old and is currently in the last year of his BS degree. He plans to apply for a graduate programme in Computer Science

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