Final thoughts

Summer of HPC 2015 is over now and we have all returned to our homes, eager to work on new projects and using knowledge gained during the past 2 months. There have been some really interesting projects presented during the

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What are we doing in Budapest?

The first two weeks of Summer of HPC in Budapest, I spent configuring my newly installed Linux distribution. I was using Linux in a Virtual Box under Windows for a long time, but finally I decided to give it a try

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First week in Budapest

After the training week in Barcelona, Jan Hreha and I finally arrived in Budapest, eager to start working on our projects. We arrived in the evening and were quite happy to realize that our on-site coordinator Barbara Toth had come

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Juraj Mavračić

I am currently working on my Master thesis at the Institute for Computational Materials Physics at the University of Vienna. Since my youth, I have been interested in natural sciences. Therefore, I took up chemistry studies, which satisfied my curiosity

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