Today I will tell you how to speed up a programme running on a GPU. Do you remember the accumulation tree example from my last post?I was provided with a working version of it, with a global queue to stores …

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Is you graphics card able to run N-body simulations in a smart way? A complex tree algorithm, a sophisticated tasking system, is all that a task for a GPU? No, some will say, a graphics card can do only basic …

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Hello everyone, The summer of HPC program is a nice way to discover new countries and place, and before talking a bit more about my actual work here in the next blog post I would introduce you to Jülich and …

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Hello there ! Want to learn about computational astrophysics ? Then keep reading !

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Project reference: 1918 Today’s supercomputing hardware provides a tremendous amount of floating point operations (FLOPs). While CPUs are designed to minimize the latency of a stream of individual operations, GPUs try to maximize the throughput. However, GPU FLOPs can only …

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