Hi there! If you are here it is probably because you read my previous blog posts or perhaps you are in search for a tutorial on how to calculate the thermal conductivity of a crystal… in any case you are …

Thermal conductivity of a crystal for dummies Read More »

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Hi stranger on the internet! If you clicked on this webpage you’re probably interested in material science, or maybe you were just intrigued by the title, or perhaps you just misclicked… Anyway, in the following I will briefly explain how …

Investigating a material used in nuclear fusion reactors Read More »

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Summer of HPC is a PRACE programme in which late-stage undergraduate and master’s students participate in pairs on different projects, related to PRACE technical or industrial work, supported and mentored from several PRACE hosting sites, spending two months working on …

Creating the Sun in a box, is it possible? Read More »

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