Dimitra Anevlavi

Dimitra Anevlavi

Morning lectures during Summer of HPC 🙂

Hello World.f95, my name is Dimitra Anevlavi and I am from Greece. I am 22 very proud years old 🙂 and I am currently in my 4th year of studies in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. Since I was a little girl, I was inspired by science and mathematics. I strongly believe that my grandfather, who was also an Engineer, had an impact on my decision to follow these studies with his intelligence and love for creation.

In my first steps at the university I discovered my passion for Computational Engineering while working on semester projects. Many of my Professors played an important role in inspiring me in this field and continue to do so up to this day. I am quite fond of Computational Fluid Dynamics and I am currently working on my diploma thesis on the modeling of deformable hydrofoils that operate under the sea surface and harvest energy from

waves. I guess that body-fluid interaction for modeling oscillating hydrofoils and biomimetics will be my thing in the next few years. For that reason, I take numerical methods by hand and jump right into the water. The PRACE Summer of HPC program is a unique opportunity for me. Not only because it is actually my first project abroad but also because it is full of new and exciting parallel programming techniques, which I will definitely implement in my thesis. During the summer internship I will be working on the development and validation of real-time earthquake hazard models at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center (EPCC).

550 km of backpacking to go until we reach Santiago de Compostela 🙂

In the future, I am looking forward to becoming a young researcher and contribute to society by improving peoples lives. It is what you pursue in life that keeps you motivated, so I guess I really am “the girl who is smiling and computing what it takes to keep her ship sailing”. One of the first tasks an engineer does is to identify the physical problem that needs to be solved and then after evaluating many parameters, to come up with a plan to produce the desirable results in a cost-effective amount of time and resources. For that reason, I look forward to use the knowledge that I have gained in order to produce results that can benefit society in general. But you have to broaden your horizons for that and think outside the box, right?

For this reason, traveling is also one of my favorite things to do, since every time you discover a new place you are also discovering important things about you as well. In 2015, I followed by best friends in a pilgrimage in Spain, the Camino de Santiago that had as a starting point Pamplona and as a final destination the famous city in La Coruna- Santiago de Compostela. Walking 300 km with backpacks sounded extremely difficult for me but support from loved ones and determination was all I needed to keep going. Since then, I grasp every opportunity I get to travel around the world, learn more about cultures, music, cuisine, history and people.

I will keep you all up to date about my new adventures in Scotland! Lots of Python code awaits me 🙂

Hint : Check out my introduction video!

and a cool collaboration with my friends Sam, Jamie and Andreas 🙂 Cheers


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