ESPRESO API for ParaView Catalyst to perform In situ Analysis

ESPRESO API for ParaView Catalyst to perform In situ Analysis

Project reference: 1513

The main goal of this project is to develop a workflow for parallel “In situ” analysis using ESPRESO solver and ParaView Catalyst. During the stay the student will cooperate directly with developers of the ESPRESO library to implement the API for ‘”In situ” visualization of the transient finite element analysis using ParaView Catalyst.

The downside of the parallel machines is the enormous amounts of data that need to be saved and analyzed to determine the results of the simulation. The growth of IO capabilities has not kept up with the growth of processing power in supercomputers. Such coarse temporal sampling of transient analysis makes it difficult to notice some complex behavior. To address this issue, ParaView will be used to integrate concurrent analysis and visualization directly into ESPRESO code.




Project mentor: Lubomír Říha


Site Co-ordinator: Karina Pesatova


Learning Outcomes

Student will gain experience in:

  • C++ programming
  • Using visualization software
  • Finite Element Method


Student Prerequisites (compulsory)

Basic knowledge of C++, basic knowledge of mathematical modelling


Student Prerequisites (desirable)

Intermediate knowledge of C++, prior experience with meshing and visualization utilities.


Training Materials


ParaView Catalyst:,,




  • Week 1:          Training
  • Week 2 :         Work plan setting
  • Week 3 – 6:   Implementation of ParaView Catalyst to ESPRESO, solution of the wave propagation in engine case
  • Week 7 :         Visualization of the results
  • Week 8 :         Final report completion and final presentation preparation


Final Product Description

Resulting visualizations and animations of the transient structural dynamics can be used to demonstrate HPC capabilities to the public.


Adapting the Project – Increasing the Difficulty

Development of an automatic visualization tool.


Adapting the Project – Decreasing the Difficulty

Modelling of wave propagation in engine case.



Software: visualization utilities (ParaView, Visit, Ensight, etc.), C++ programming environment

Hardware: high memory system, visualization server, anselm cluster

Access to the appropriate software and hardware will be provided by the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center.



VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, IT4Innovations
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