Hola Barcelona!

Hola Barcelona!

HPC’s introductory week in Barcelona ended up with beautiful pictures of young team-spirited researchers who, despite the difference of their fields of study they, all had something in common: they were ready to disperse throughout the world in order to reach a higher level of knowledge and serve science. With this common goal, several began their journey leaving Barcelona, whereas I had the rare chance to continue living here.

plaça catalunya

Placa Catalunya

Cosmopolitan Catalonia with its famous Gaudi buildings welcomed me the first working week in Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). The Center is located at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, near Torre Girona’s chapel. BSC accommodates MareNostrum and it is known as the most powerful supercomputer in Spain, serving daily the large demand of scientific projects concerning different fields.


Torre Girona’s chapel

Torre Girona’s chapel

The first day in BSC was very exciting especially when I ran into participants from the previous training week like Ondrej. My fellow researcher Rumyana and I met our co-ordinator Ms. Maria Ribera Sancho, our mentor Mr. Fernando Cucchietti, and we were led to our working places. From the windows I could see Barchelona’s football pitch that was the first pleasant surprise. Gradually we met each one of the whole researcher group that was working on our project in a meeting that took place on the same day. From the next day I already started co-operating with Victor and David, two researchers from the mentioned group above, as they provided the necessary data I needed in order to start.

Screenshot from 2015-07-30 23:44:55

View from my office

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