Jake Love

Hello there, I am Jake and as you can see am one of the participants in the PRACE summer of HPC program. I am 22 years old and have just graduated from my Master’s in theoretical physics at the University of York. I have been interested in scientific computing for a long time and have just accepted a PhD position at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz to pursue this interest further. My future work will be based upon using spintronics as a basis for unconventional computing devices.

In my spare time I enjoy programming and classical music. I am also a big fan of keyboards…

But which one is the right choice for SoHPC?

Project 24

This project is focused on generating a polygonal mesh that defines an iso-surface of a 3D scalar field. What is an iso-surface? Consider a two dimensional scalar field, such as a relief map. Relief maps often contain contours, or iso-lines, which define a continuous set of points of equal values. If this idea is extended to 3D space, the set of points with equal values become a continuous surface known as an iso-surface.

On method of creating such iso-surfaces is known as the ‘marching tetrahedra algorithm’. The end goal of the project is to develop a program that uses this algorithm to render ISO-surfaces of arbitrary 3D scalar fields using CUDA technology.

A 3D space divided into a tessellating structure of tetrahedra, the building blocks of the marching tetrahedra algorithm

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