Nursima Çelik

A view from Bogazici University in the autumn, © Beyza Bah

Hi all, this is an introduction to myself and Summer of High Performance Computing (SoHPC) from a point where I stand. If this is your first time hearing about HPC or SoHPC, you should definitely check out About HPC & Prace and About Prace Summer of HPC.

My name is Nursima. I study computer engineering at Boğaziçi University in Turkey. Since covid-19 broke out, I have been continuing my studies in İzmir, which is on the west coast of Turkey. Here is a warm and comfortable city with ancient ruins from as early as Hellenistic period in every corner. Although my original intention was to fulfill the programme in UK, I enjoy working here in İzmir too, amidst salt and seaweed scents coming through my window.

Among my favorite topics are mathematics, computer science, languages, social sciences. Actually, I enjoy learning and thinking about most of the abstract topics and my favorite moments are the moments of enlightenment about how universe/people/machines work – or doesn’t work. However, just knowing does not mean so much when you don’t do anything. There are so much problem waiting to be solved. And that’s where my application to SoHPC comes into the scene.

Well, I heard about the SoHPC from a professor in my university and thought it would be a good idea to apply. Organization seemed well planned, projects were solid and you’d have a mentor throughout the programme. Now I’m glad that it turned out to be a great one. After an online training week where we are introduced to MPI, OpenMP, and CUDA with lectures and hands-on labs, we started to progress in our projects in the supervision of mentors.

My project is centered around a particle simulation code, namely DL_MESO. Currently, the code can be run on up to 4096 GPUs. Our aim is to improve code so that it can be run on larger number of GPUs thereby allowing to simulate systems of larger size.

I’ll be writing more about the project in the following days. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

One comment on “Nursima Çelik
  1. Engur Cooker says:

    I’m also interested with HPC and keenly following this program since i heard it.
    I’m trying to getting involved for next year and getting ready for the next year’s program so i almost readed all of introductions you guy’s wrote here.
    This one is a nice introduction. I also know your lovely campus, which i’ve been there for some time. Great to see the nice autumn view you shared here.
    I’m waiting for next more technical posts you guys will share here. Thx.

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