Antonios Karkatsoulis
Antonios Karkatsoulis

Antonios Karkatsoulis


Antonios Karkatsoulis

Antonios Karkatsouis is excited to be part of summer of HPC. He is going to Galway,Ireland to work on Scalable visualization of climate data using OpeNDAP-enabled Paraview and his Project mentor is Mr.Alastair McKinstry. He is looking forward to learn how Paraview can be used in HPC for climate data.

He is from Athens,Greece. Antonios is studying Bachelors in computer science at National Technical University of Athens,Greece and this is his final year. Athens is a very vivid city with lots of interesting things to do. The weather there is almost always sunny and the people are welcoming.

Antonios and his parents are living in Athens and his sister is studying Masters in computer science in United States of America. His hobbies are football, which is the most famous sport in his country and biking in the mountains.

He likes his campus because it has good environment as well as the teaching staffs are really good and friendly. He is doing his bachelor thesis now related with HPC and GPU. Later on he wants do masters in Computer Science in United states of America.

Antonios came to know about HPC through one of his professor. He is excited  to gain knowledge about how the large data can be visualized using HPC. Antonios is using social network to keep connect with his family and friends. He would like to share his summer of HPC experiences and about his project through summer of HPC blog.

This profile was written by Ezhilmathi Krishnasamy.

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