Rumyana Rumenova

Rumyana Rumenova

My name is Rumyana, I am from Bulgaria and I just finished my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. At the moment I am primarily interested in parallelism and particularly in tools that alleviate the heavy lifting of concurrent programming. This is partly because parallelism cannot be escaped and partly due to my last internship, where I was working on an image processing library for the SAC auto-parallelising compiler, which uses the functional paradigm to make a large range of automatic optimisations possible.

I’m always motivated by the potential usefulness of my work. This makes my summer project an exciting one: in The Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, I am building a user interface to a real-time monitoring tool which finds potential errors in jobs running on an HPC cluster. Errors in distributed computing are often hard to diagnose and may not be noticed until the whole computation is complete. Early detection of these can save hours  or even days of computing and human time. My piece of the project will hopefully allow researchers to diagnose errors by interacting with visual representations of both the simulation problem and the connectivity between nodes on which it’s running.

After years of loving the Spanish language from somewhat afar, and a year of stealing short holidays to Barcelona any chance I could get, I am happy to finally be exploring the city as my home, listening to street musicians and learning Spanish with my flatmates and their friends.

I also play the ukulele, badly but willingly, in tune with the ukulele philosophy (or possibly a tiny bit flat).

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