Letting things ‘flow’

After the stimulating training week at IT4Innovations, Ostrava we (me, Jan and our site supervisor Dr. Leon Kos) set forth on a long, exhausting but finally much rewarding drive towards Slovenia. Special thanks to Leon, as I got the opportunity

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Paras Kumar

Ljubljana, Triple Bridge, Ljubljanica, Slovenia

Hello Readers, as might be suggested by the title of this post, here I’ll try to introduce myself and also give a glimpse of what this amazing experience called the PRACE Summer of HPC program probably has in store for

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Assingnare Locus

Assignare Locus, the computer scientists equivalent of Expecto Patronum. This is the final blog in the trilogy, I am going to summarise the rest of the exciting experience I had in Slovenia along with a full description of the final

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Python, MPI, CFD and ARCHER – what is a bigger challenge?

Hi Guys! In this blog post, I would like to introduce you my project “Parallelising Scientific Python Applications” which I’m working on at EPCC under Dr. Neelofer Banglawala. Wait! Sit down, don’t worry and get a cup of excellent British tea.

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Marta Cudova

Marta CUDovA. Parallel computing is her destiny. For sure!

Marta Cudova is a 25 years old Czech girl coming from the heart of the South Moravia, a lovely city called Brno. She has just finished her master’s studies in the field of Computer and Embedded Systems at the Brno University

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Answers: Let the Blood Flow!

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz. I hope you liked it – even though I must admit that some answers were quite hard to find. As you see, the highest speed was reached at position (c), in the

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Real case simulation of Solar Tracker using CFD

Open Domain simulation A real case dimension of solar panel is considered for the simulation. Since it is an open domain simulation the boundary condition were based on well-posed boundary condition. In that case here in my simulation domain dimensions

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Magic behind the Most of the CFD solvers for HPC

The Need for Speed Governing equations of the fluid flow problems should be discretized (for example, finite volume, finite element and finite difference) in order to get a good solution (approximation). Discretization has as results system of linear algebraic equations

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CFD For Disasters

Natural disasters have been present since the beginning of time. In the beginning of June, more than 7,000 people were evacuated in the region of Bohemia, because of the flooding of Vltava and Elbe rivers [1]. According to estimates, the

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