Mmh! Now THIS is a Tasty Kernel!

me, with an afro, eyeing a tasty cuda kernel

Like all entropy-generating processes, the Summer of HPC must come to an end. However, you won’t get rid of me that easily, since there’s still one more blog post left to be done! This time I’ll tell you more about

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The Case of the Missing Device Function

It's me, browsing my Magic: the Gathering collection.

My project has been progressing quite well and a bit more of that in the next blog post. However, this time I present a more detailed description of the beginning of my project. The narrative may have been dramatized in

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Full speed ahead – Accelerating ocean simulations

Coastal wave propagation Atlantic veros ocean simulation

How will Earth’s climate change in the next century? This is the kind of questions climate researchers ask themselves and the reason they develop global climate models. These are used to simulate conditions over long periods of time and under

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The HIPbit, or There and Back Again

Forschungszentrum Jülich is quite an interesting place to work at. You can think of it as a town in the middle of nowhere where over the half of the population are scientists or technicians. The research center even has its

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Johannes Pekkilä

Johannes Pekkilä is a Master student at the Aalto University School of Science in Finland where he studies Computer Science. His academic interests are parallel computing, calculations on graphic processing units and computational physics (he even did his Bachelor’s on

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The Fast Multipole Method: A Coulomb solver for the masses

There is time for laughs and there is also time for being serious and getting things done. In this blog post I would like to summarize what I have learned about the Fast Multipole Method during this programme. This theoretical

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Cluster Scale GPGPU with OpenCL

Previous posts about climate modeling and CESM were required as this post is the crème de la crème of CESM from my point of view. Cluster scale GPGPU seems to be very nice, on paper, but as soon as we

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When FORTRAN met OpenCL – A Love Story? (of Integration)

Both of the projects Lukas and I are working on, here at NBI Copenhagen, are based on FORTRAN. Either Photon-Plasma simulations or CESM for climate modeling (as most climate modeling software around). Certainly, a vast majority of scientific code is

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