Forest Road, take me to the Summer of HPC…

It has been one and a half weeks since the Summer of HPC program has begun. I have settled here very well, having a quick run in the forest just before breakfast, enjoying the singing of the birds, working on the top

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Antti Mikkonen

Greetings from the far north! My name is Antti and I like all sorts of things mathematical. There’s just something very savoury about a well-structured, intuitive and dumbfounding mathematical proof. Basically, I like to look for problems and solve them.

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Shukai Wang

Hi everyone! I am Shukai Wang, a Chinese girl from a very very very beautiful city, called Hangzhou (you should visit!), I have spent my past 7 years in the UK but I am now following the two-month PRACE Summer of HPC program

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Petr Stehlík

Ahoj! My name is Petr and I come from a magical land of beer – Czech Republic. I live and study in Brno, the second largest city, sometimes called the Silicon Valley of central Europe. Last spring I finished my

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Ostrava : A city with a heart of steel

For sure, information about the city near the borders of Czech Republic where four rivers meet can be found in most tour guides. But I would still like to share with you how we discovered the hidden vibes of Ostrava

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Visualization of real motion of human body based on motion capture technology

Project reference: 1714 Main objective of this project is to create platform for visualization of real motion of human body based on motion capture technology. First 3D virtual model of human skeleton will be created. This model will be moving

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Performance visualization for bioinformatics pipelines

Project reference: 1715 Supercomputers can help speed up the drug discovery using machine learning. Within the project the student will work with our tool that deploys new programming model and scheduler for running complex pipelines in a distributed environment on

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How to Blender: Supercomputer Edition

Welcome everyone. Today I will walk you step by step through how I use Blender in this project. This post will contain many pictures, as the content is pretty graphic, but they have been slightly modified for simplicity and to keep the focus on

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Researching the center of Europe

After the amazing training week in Juelich Supercomputing Centre where we had a brief introduction to OpenMP, MPI, ParaView, CUDA and some Team Building, it was time to start with the real business. I got into a plane headed to the heart of

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Marta Cudova

Marta CUDovA. Parallel computing is her destiny. For sure!

Marta Cudova is a 25 years old Czech girl coming from the heart of the South Moravia, a lovely city called Brno. She has just finished her master’s studies in the field of Computer and Embedded Systems at the Brno University

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Alex Rodriguez Segrelles

Alejandro is a student from Valencia, Spain. Right now he is working towards finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in the Software Engineering branch. He would really like to head his career towards

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Wi-Fi Planner, a breakthrough in gaming history

After the presentation of the trailer at Gamescom and subsequent hype among its attendees, I am glad to announce the upcoming release of Wi-Fi Planner; the ultimate simulation game in which choosing the right spot to place your router or

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4 things Irish people should know before they go abroad

Since getting a chance to travel a bit I’ve noticed a few things that I wish I had known before I leaving Dublin. For my fellow Irish I have compiled this short list of things you should keep in mind in hope that

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Feelings during the summer of HPC – Ostrava

After one month, I am pleased to say that I am enjoying myself here. I think it is not an exaggeration to say that everything has happened according to Murphy’s law. J So I am full of positive experiences, let’s

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Development of a mesh creation tool

It’s been a while since I started working on my project here in the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center (IT4I), so I figured this would be a good time to give you an update on what I’ve been doing. My project

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A picture is worth a thousand thousand tiny numbers.

This week I decided to talk a bit more about my project. Here at IT4Innovations they have innovated a program abbreviated ESPRESO (ExaScale PaRallel FETI SOlver). It is a highly efficient solver that contains FETI based algorithms. FETI, other than sounding like

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The (short) story of a month at SoHPC

As you already know by reading the other SoHPCers posts, this adventure starts in Barcelona, more precisely on the beach, where we all took lessons on MPI, OpenMP, performance measurement tools, visualisation tools, etc. You might have also read all

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The Colours of Ostrava

Ostrava really showed us it’s true ‘colours’ during our second weekend when we attended the Czech Republic’s largest music festival: Colours of Ostrava. Only half an hour commute from IT4Innovations the colours was four days long, starting on Thursday, and finishing on Sunday.

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Oh, Ostrava!

After a thrilling week in Barcelona, during which we met so many new friends, Sergio, Laszlo, and I arrived at the Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic last week. We were greeted by magnificent weather. Conveniently, the first Monday after our arrival

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Medical image segmentation and visualization

Project will focus on rapid prototyping and testing of different algorithms for image segmentation as well as visualization of 3D data. In a first stage implementation and testing of suitable image segmentation techniques for medical image segmentation will be done. As an input data for image segmentation the consecutive series of CT or MRI medical images will be used. After the segmentation visualization of the obtained 3D data will be performed.

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ESPRESO API for ParaView Catalyst to perform In situ Analysis

The main goal of this project is to develop a workflow for parallel “In situ” analysis using ESPRESO solver and ParaView Catalyst. During the stay the student will cooperate directly with developers of the ESPRESO library to implement the API for ‘”In situ” visualization of the transient finite element analysis using ParaView Catalyst.

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Modelling of Wi-Fi signal propagation using the boundary element method

The main goal of this project is to develop a workflow for parallel modelling of the Wi-Fi signal propagation in buildings using the boundary element method (BEM). For this purpose the student will use the parallel boundary element software BEM4I developed at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre.

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Nicola Luminari

Hello my name is Nicola Luminari and I come from Italy; now I’m about to finish my last year of a Master degree in Naval Architecture at University of Genova.
Here in Ostrava, my colleague Martin Weber and I, are working on a project that will develop a racing car video game.

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Martin Weber

I am a computer science student from Austria. will spend this summer at the HPC facilities in Ostrava developing a car race game demonstration.

I am studying at JKU Linz and currently finishing the bachelor program. In my further studies at university, I am going to focus on machine learning and high performance computing. Besides studying I like going out with my friends from university. My favourite sports is skiing in the Austrian mountains.

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Announcing the SoHPC Award Winners!

Yesterday, Dr. Sergi Girona, chair of the PRACE Board of Directors, presented awards to two exceptional students in recognition of their outstanding performance on the PRACE Summer of HPC. Vito Simonka (University of Maribor, Slovenia) was named HPC Ambassador and Niki Loppi (Aalto University, Finland) received the award for Best Visualisation.

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