Interactive weather forecasting on supercomputers as a tool for education

Project reference: 1708 A common and very important application of HPC is that of weather forecasting. In conjunction with the UK Met Office we have developed a new, state of the art, atmospheric model which the scientific community use to

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Online visualisation of current and historic supercomputer usage

Project reference: 1709 We house and run the UK national supercomputing service, ARCHER, which has an active user base of around 3000 users. Many different people rely on this machine as a crucial instrument in their science and there are

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Development and validation of real-time earthquake hazard models

Project reference: 1707 Operational earthquake forecasting is a novel scientific direction of Seismology focusing on providing real-time earthquake likelihoods during the evolution of an aftershock sequence. The moment a major earthquake occurs, decision-makers need expert advice to both support proactive

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From an edge to the whole picture

Hi there! It’s almost the end of summer holidays and the summer of HPC, and I still haven’t made to tell you everything about what I’m working on. I was done with the CFD exercise so I started with a new one

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Two applications for two techniques

Having already introduced you to the technique that will be used for my project in one of my previous posts let me share with you some more things about the application. The application will be used at outreach events and

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Has the rain stopped yet?

Indeed, as the summer comes to an end I realize I had a lot of rain – both here in Scotland and on my computer screen. My project was to develop a weather visualisation application which will be used at

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Python, MPI, CFD and ARCHER – what is a bigger challenge?

Hi Guys! In this blog post, I would like to introduce you my project “Parallelising Scientific Python Applications” which I’m working on at EPCC under Dr. Neelofer Banglawala. Wait! Sit down, don’t worry and get a cup of excellent British tea.

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If not task farming then what?

When I decided to apply for the EPCC project of the Summer of HPC I knew that my project will be related to some outreach events and it will have educational purposes too.  It has to display how parallelism works

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Familiarizing with Edinburgh

A bit of history at the beginning. Once upon a time in the town of Edinburgh, Scotland – it was a cloudy summer day, not very cold but also not very warm. Just a typical Scottish day (if you know

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Scotland for the summer, seriously?

  “It’s gonna be cold and rainining up there the whole time…” If I got a pound every time  I heard that in the last months, I could buy a kilt (which are not cheap by the way). While most

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Summer in the North

If we make a wordcloud for all the things that we said during the training week in Juelich, the biggest word would be “WHERE” I guess. Was that nerdy enough for an introduction for an HPC summer program?  “Where are

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Marta Cudova

Marta CUDovA. Parallel computing is her destiny. For sure!

Marta Cudova is a 25 years old Czech girl coming from the heart of the South Moravia, a lovely city called Brno. She has just finished her master’s studies in the field of Computer and Embedded Systems at the Brno University

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Anna Gradou

Anna Gradou is a young student from Athens, Greece. She is 23 years old and she is currently finishing her undergraduate studies at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens. She is doing her thesis which

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Tomislav Šubić

“When I saw Tomislav for the first time I knew that he is not the right person to make a fun of,” said his best friend Boris. “He doesn’t say a much, but I just know, you say the wrong

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Two months later…

The summer of HPC has come to an end and I have the best impressions. Let’s have a summary of these couple months. The summer started with a kick off meeting in Barcelona. Sunny weather and interesting lectures for 5

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15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 4)

After visiting Edinburgh Castle during the previous weekend, I was determined to dive deeper into all those things that are typical for Edinburgh. One of the most iconic ones? The Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo! The actually affordable tickets (starting at

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“ARCHER Challenge” sneak peek

Since we are heading towards the end of our summer school I would like to give you a small preview of my project, the name of which is “ARCHER Challenge”, named after the UK National Supercomputing Service, located a few

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15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 3)

The first and probably most important task due for our third week in Edinburgh was the Week 3 report. It’s not only about presenting our project after about two weeks of work but also updating the time schedule and preparing

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People make Edinburgh

Last weekend we went for a 1-day trip to Glasgow. All over the city there are flags, leaflets, and adverts with one interesting slogan: PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW. I think that this phrase is absolutely true and also it is not

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15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 2)

During our second week in Edinburgh, there were two PRACE trainings scheduled at EPCC. Both focused on the basics but we were still asked to have a look at them as some things could be useful. We were free to

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15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 1)

The first week of our stay consisted of many introductions. Introductions to our site coordinator Catherine, to our project mentors Toni and Neelofer, to EPCC and King’s Buildings in general, to Edinburgh and of course to our projects. EPCC is

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Landing in Edinburgh and takeoff to HPC

We are already in our third Summer of HPC week and we are completely adapted to our new schedules. For the week in Barcelona I will not say much. Just that I had an amazing week and I am happy

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Welcome in Edinburgh

Hi guys, it is a time to write my first blog post. At the beginning I would like to mention Barcelona, because there was the start of our adventure. But only few words – there are enough posts about it. I

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Arrival in Edinburgh

Travelling from Barcelona to Edinburgh was a mess! Anna, Ondrej, and I will share an apartment in Edinburgh and we all also work at EPCC (Ondrej and I even work on different aspects of the same project), so it was

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Dinosaur racing, two months later

3D model of Argentinosaurus

In a previous post, I presented my project on making a dinosaur racing competition. In that post, I gave some background information about virtual palaeontology, and the purpose of my project here in Edinburgh. If you haven’t read it yet,

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