The need for speed

Imagine for a second the following: You are given access to one of the fastest supercomputers on Earth, if not the Universe! You are given a desk in an institute in the middle of pretty much nowhere, you are granted

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Linear solvers are behind lattice QCD

In my first post I told you about the wonders of lattice QCD, and I explained why we need supercomputing to actually solve problems involving very small particles. I told you about huge machines that can do in one second

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Summer of HPC in Athens

When we got invited to SoHPC, both of us were very excited. Samanta was sitting with friends in a bar when she received an e-mail and celebrated it immediately. Juan had just woken up (cultural differences, am I right?) but

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Peter Labus

Peter Labus is a 29 years old PhD student at the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, a harbor city located in the north-east of the wonderful country of Italy. While completing his PhD in Theoretical Physics he is

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Shaun Lahert

Shaun Lahert is a recent graduate of Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin. He is spending this summer at the Cyprus Institute on PRACE’s Summer of HPC. Shaun will be working on Lattice QCD, in particular he will be examining

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Ambra Abdullahi Hassan

Ambra is a lovely, fun Italian girl of 24 years. Actually while her mom is Italian her dad comes from Somalia. Unfortunately she does not speak Somalian yet, nor has she been there — something she certainly wants to change in the future. Ambra

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MediVis project at Ostrava – CT prefiltering, segmentation and visualization

In this post I would like to continue the introduction section with the prefiltering, segmentation and visualization parts. As it was mentioned before, during the scanning process the CT machine recreates the inner image of the body in sequential axial

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MediVis project at Ostrava – CT scan

At this time I would like to introduce you to my project at IT4I National Supercomputing Center at Ostrava, Check. During this summer I was involved in a very interesting Post-processing and 3D visualization for medical 3D Visualization from CT images.

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Killing the supercomputing Hydra

I guess you all heard about the story of St. George and the Dragon [1]. According to the legend, the Dragon caused many problems to the ancient city of Lasia, somewhere in the near East. The Dragon was really bad,

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Discovering the Energy of the Future

The essence of our projects is adding new functionality to existing software. However, as software is only a means to an end, a question arises right away: what is it going to be used for? The answer is an exciting

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