The Sweet Sweet Sounds of Radio-City

Be it in films, visual arts or computer games, photorealistic rendering of a virtual scene has been a hot topic for decades. The ultimate aim of my project is to create a photorealistic render of a simple scene like the

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Sam Green

Hi, my name is Sam Green and I’m from a small city called Waterford in the South of Ireland. I grew up in the countryside surrounding the city (technically Kilkenny countryside but lets not get into those sort of details)

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“El-Nino: It’s periodicity and impact on world weather”

Project reference: 1712 World Ocean is covered almost 72% of the Earth’s surface. Among all Oceans Pacific Ocean is the largest Ocean. All the Oceans are interconnected through some channels or by teleconnection through atmosphere. It is well known that

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Radiosity in Computer Graphics

Project reference: 1713 The aim of this project is to create a computer render of a very simple scene using radiosity techniques.  The rate at which energy leaves a surface is called its radiosity.  This idea is the starting point

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Shallow waters – the waves start to spread

I started the work on my project by exploring the provided simulation code. This is always a great adventure by its own, studying a code someone else has written before you. To those who never tried it, you definitely should.

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Bringing visualisation to the web with Python and Bokeh

These days the world seems to run on data; from Google, to the NSA/GCHQ, to CERN, everyone seems to want more data, and be willing to go to great lengths to get it. However, once we have all of this

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Thomas Wright

Thomas of House Wright, was born in the frigid north, outside the capital Winterfell, near enough as makes no matter. An ambitious youth, he had known from an early age that he would take up the pursuit of knowledge. When

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Jiří Blahoš

My name is Jiří Blahoš. Currently I am 23 years old, and I live in Ostrava – the third largest city in the Czech Republic, located on the east side of the country. My hobbies include sports (tennis, biking, basketball,

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Two months of Ireland in photos

The Summer of HPC is almost at its end and I feel the need to reflect on everything I have experienced during these two exciting months. With so many various adventures, I found it hard to summarize, so I decided

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4 things Irish people should know before they go abroad

Since getting a chance to travel a bit I’ve noticed a few things that I wish I had known before I leaving Dublin. For my fellow Irish I have compiled this short list of things you should keep in mind in hope that

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R together ZeroMQ: and everything becomes possible!

At the time of writing this post, I have now reached more than half of my summer experience given to me by the Summer of HPC. I can say that Ireland and its climate, a major concern for an Italian

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Galway, the town of rain

The supervisor of my project, Enda O’Brien, is not based in Dublin, as is the largest part of the ICHEC office. He works in Galway, Ireland’s fourth largest city with a population of approximately 75 thousand. There is a quite large

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Binding with ZeroMQ

I have now arrived in the middle of the third week and I can say that I’m getting better at settling into the Irish reality that the Summer of HPC is giving me the chance to live. The initial work was mainly

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Enjoying Ireland with Fionn

The first week of training held in Barcelona had accustomed Ondrej and I too well, especially regarding the weather: upon our arrival here in Dublin, we immediately had the pleasure of experiencing the Irish climate (especially the rain!). However this didn’t discourage us and, with

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Interactive Manipulation of Weather Regimes during Continuous Climate Simulations

The vision for this project is to create an interactive visualisation application that demonstrate how the particular weather and climate regime that we experience here on earth is just one manifestation of infinitely many other possible regimes, and how those regimes are determined by basic physical parameters like gravity, planetary tilt, the universal gas constant, and others. This will be done through interactive simulations of the atmospheric circulation on a rotating planet whose major physical properties can be changed arbitrarily. The application user can “play God” by moving sliders on a scale on the monitor with the mouse (with a slider for each adjustable physical parameter), and then immediately see the effect of their changes by viewing the resulting flow-field. The connection between each basic parameter and the way it determines the atmospheric circulation can be immediately visualised.

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Enabling Real-Time Visualisations of Molecular Dynamics Properties in DL_POLY_4 (Proof of Concept)

This project has the goal of extending the widely used DL_POLY_4 molecular dynamics software package to enable 3D visualisations of molecular simulations in real-time, representing a significant advance for the DL_POLY code. The project will involve extending the DL_POLY_4 source code and will see the exploitation of state-of-the-art visualization toolkits.

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Presentations from Ireland

Here are the presentations from Alba, Maria and Tony who were on placement in Ireland. Alba Maria Tony Please follow and like us:

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My story with Johannes

Don’t worry mum, Johannes is not my new Irish boyfriend! It is the computer I work with, and it is fantastic! Some of its hardware details are: Two Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2643 (LINK): 4 cores @3.30 GHz 2 WD Caviar

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The Green Island Heart – Dublin

Ireland is welcoming us with amazing weather: warm and sunny! We hope that is going to last more than one week because Ireland is known for its unstable and rainy weather. In fact, you can find the four seasons in

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Ireland – ICHEC

The Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) is Ireland’s national High Performance Computing (HPC) centre.  It was founded in 2005, and it is bi-located with offices in National University of Ireland, Galway and the Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus,

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Visualising OpenFOAM Models

The use of HPC resources is allowing for finer resolutions in CFD simulations, which, in turn, produce larger and larger datasets. Such datasets cannot be easily visualised on desktop workstations and in numerous cases, cannot be visualised on the machines they were produced on. This is a memory issue.

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Hybrid Molecular Dynamics

The DL POLY application has been parallelised using a domain decomposition approach, employing the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library for inter-process communication. More recently, the code has been“hybridised” to exploit multi-core shared memory architectures as well as Graphics Processing Units. The existing parallel implementation of DL POLY is highly efficient and scales well to many thousands of CPU cores.

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