Visualization of real motion of human body based on motion capture technology

Project reference: 1714 Main objective of this project is to create platform for visualization of real motion of human body based on motion capture technology. First 3D virtual model of human skeleton will be created. This model will be moving

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Performance visualization for bioinformatics pipelines

Project reference: 1715 Supercomputers can help speed up the drug discovery using machine learning. Within the project the student will work with our tool that deploys new programming model and scheduler for running complex pipelines in a distributed environment on

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How to Blender: Supercomputer Edition

Welcome everyone. Today I will walk you step by step through how I use Blender in this project. This post will contain many pictures, as the content is pretty graphic, but they have been slightly modified for simplicity and to keep the focus on

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Researching the center of Europe

After the amazing training week in Juelich Supercomputing Centre where we had a brief introduction to OpenMP, MPI, ParaView, CUDA and some Team Building, it was time to start with the real business. I got into a plane headed to the heart of

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Alex Rodriguez Segrelles

Alejandro is a student from Valencia, Spain. Right now he is working towards finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in the Software Engineering branch. He would really like to head his career towards

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MediVis project at Ostrava – CT prefiltering, segmentation and visualization

In this post I would like to continue the introduction section with the prefiltering, segmentation and visualization parts. As it was mentioned before, during the scanning process the CT machine recreates the inner image of the body in sequential axial

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MediVis project at Ostrava – CT scan

At this time I would like to introduce you to my project at IT4I National Supercomputing Center at Ostrava, Check. During this summer I was involved in a very interesting Post-processing and 3D visualization for medical 3D Visualization from CT images.

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Medical image segmentation and visualization

Project will focus on rapid prototyping and testing of different algorithms for image segmentation as well as visualization of 3D data. In a first stage implementation and testing of suitable image segmentation techniques for medical image segmentation will be done. As an input data for image segmentation the consecutive series of CT or MRI medical images will be used. After the segmentation visualization of the obtained 3D data will be performed.

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ESPRESO API for ParaView Catalyst to perform In situ Analysis

The main goal of this project is to develop a workflow for parallel “In situ” analysis using ESPRESO solver and ParaView Catalyst. During the stay the student will cooperate directly with developers of the ESPRESO library to implement the API for ‘”In situ” visualization of the transient finite element analysis using ParaView Catalyst.

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Modelling of Wi-Fi signal propagation using the boundary element method

The main goal of this project is to develop a workflow for parallel modelling of the Wi-Fi signal propagation in buildings using the boundary element method (BEM). For this purpose the student will use the parallel boundary element software BEM4I developed at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre.

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Nicola Luminari

Hello my name is Nicola Luminari and I come from Italy; now I’m about to finish my last year of a Master degree in Naval Architecture at University of Genova.
Here in Ostrava, my colleague Martin Weber and I, are working on a project that will develop a racing car video game.

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Martin Weber

I am a computer science student from Austria. will spend this summer at the HPC facilities in Ostrava developing a car race game demonstration.

I am studying at JKU Linz and currently finishing the bachelor program. In my further studies at university, I am going to focus on machine learning and high performance computing. Besides studying I like going out with my friends from university. My favourite sports is skiing in the Austrian mountains.

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Hosting Sites & Projects


Successful applicants will have the opportunity to spend two months at one of the following hosting sites, working on these projects:   CINECA  –  Consorzio Interuniversitario Bologna,Italy Visualizing the results of the project “The way to heating the solar

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Presentations from The Czech Republic

Here are the presentations by Nathan and Niki while on placement in the Czech Republic. Nathan Niki   Please follow and like us:

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Visualisation of CFD

The aim of this project is to address an issue with visualization of large data sets which are results of CFD simulations on HPC systems.
This project will use CFD simulation performed on HPC system using open source code OpenFOAM and visualize results using another open source code Paraview.

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Air Pollution Models

This project addresses an issue of visualizing results of a new air pollution model which is under development at our university. We expect that simulations of air pollution models will be very large and hardware demanding, and therefore, the usage of HPC capabilities will be necessary.

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