Arnau Miró

Hello everyone! My name is Arnau Miró. I am a 27 year old PhD student from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. I am currently located in a very nice city in Spain called Terrassa, which is about 30 km away from

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Petr Stehlík

Ahoj! My name is Petr and I come from a magical land of beer – Czech Republic. I live and study in Brno, the second largest city, sometimes called the Silicon Valley of central Europe. Last spring I finished my

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Web visualization of Energy load of an HPC system

Project reference: 1705 Energy Efficency is one of the most timely problems in managing HPC facilities. This problem can be addressed at different scale and from different perspective:  chip and board design, cooling technologies, batch scheduler tuning. In order to

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Web visualization of the Mediterranean Sea

Project reference: 1706   OGSTM is an optimized code to solve 3D transport reactions non linear PDE applied to biogeochemical problems. It exploits the domain decomposition paradigm based on the MPI and the OPEN-MP library to scale the computation to

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Introduction to ParaView Catalyst

In my previous article you can find a brief introduction to the In Situ Visualization Technique which allows to explore simulation data during the run-time without involving storage resources of a supercomputer. Now it’s time to go a little bit further

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Dare to visualize – Tornado effect

Sometimes in life we have to accept dares, challenges or we even have to make self commitments to achieve success. By the way, this is human nature, after reaching one milestone we look to the next, and according to me:

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In Situ Visualization Technique

Traditionally, the process of performing numerical simulations consists of three separate steps: First, the input parameters (such as initial or boundary conditions) are specified, then the simulation is executed and finally, in order to determine the result, it is necessary

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First steps to CINECA – Solving the mystery of ParaView Catalyst

It was a wonderful experience in  SoHPC 2016 first week training in Fz-Juelich super computing center where I attended lectures on MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, and ParaView visualizations. And I added some new friends in my life. It was really interesting

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Petr Valenta

Petr Valenta comes from the beer heaven of Europe – the Czech Republic. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s studies in the Computational Physics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He already acquired a bachelor’s degree in the Engineering

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If you like history then you’ll love Italy!

This time more about my whereabouts in August of 2015. During the summer time, especially in August, Italy is on vacation. Many people go to the seaside or retreat to the more fresh climate in the mountains. The consequence is

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Friends and family

Hi everyone again! I would like to share my other trip in Italy with you. I went to Lucca to visit a friend of mine a few weeks ago. His name is Luca. I went to Lucca through Pisa. I

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Sightseeing memories in Italy

Hi everyone! I would like to share my sightseeing memories in the training week and the first three weeks of Italy. We went to Barcelona for the training week . During the week, we had got some background on high performance computing, parallel programming, and 3D visualization

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Discovering Italy

After an intensive training week at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center the time arrived to say goodbye to all newly acquired friends and start the journey to Italy. Me and Cem took a taxi to Barcelona-El Prat Airport because no public

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Visualization tool for olfactory bulb data

A clear understanding of the spatio-temporal dynamics of olfactory bulb mitral cells in representing an odor input is very difficult to achieve experimentally; for this reason, the activity-dependent effects of olfactory bulb network self-organization generated by the mitral-granule cell microcircuits remain poorly understood. To deal with this problem, we have constructed olfactory bulb microcircuits using realistic three dimensional (3D) inputs, cell morphologies, and network connectivity.

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Exploring Mars Surface – 3D Visualization of post processed MARSIS data

MARSIS is a radar carried by the European Space Agency spacecraft Mars Express, and probing the interior of Mars to look for ice and water. To validate identification of echoes from subsurface structures, electromagnetic scattering from the Martian surface was simulated using HPC. Simulations will make it possible to use automated procedures to detect subsurface interfaces, or to study the correlation between real and simulated surface echo strengths to detect unusual surface properties.

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Vojtech Nikl

Firstly, I would like to thank everybody involved in the Summer of HPC 2014 program! I have had a great time so far and I have learnt a lot about data visualization and HPC in general.

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Konstantina Lazaridou

I’d like to thank the PRACE SoHPC for the opportunity to work in CINECA’s super computing center. It is a very important experience for me and I am fully enjoying my presence here. The working environment is incredible, regarding both the people working here and the facilities. I have been looking forward to practicing computer science in a high quality organization, such as CINECA, for a long time.

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Presentations from Italy

Here is the presentation from Peter and Jasper who worked together on their project at CINECA in Italy. Please follow and like us:

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Plasmary, plasmary night

What is the best way to visualise a vector field? In 2D, the answer is obviously field lines since they elegantly show both the direction and, by their proximity to one another, magnitude of the field. Since the lines never

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First glimpse of the data

Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten quite used to loading .dat files of row data into matlab for visualisation. In matlab it’s easy, just type “load(‘filename’)” into the command line (or matlab script) and matlab returns an array

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Simulations of Plasma Turbulence

Within the present project, we propose to visualise the results of a study of turbulence and magnetic reconnection in space plasmas to the full dimensional 3D-3V phase space configuration.

Numerical simulations are focused in particular on the analysis of the role of kinetic processes at play in the turbulent cascade in the solar wind, its relationship with explosive magnetic reconnection events and the evolution of the distribution of particle velocities.

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