A short tour of lattice QCD

As my first blog was completely non technical I am now contractually obliged by the powers that be to talk about some technical stuff of what I am actually doing. I decided I would have a go at explaining what lattice

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A Matryoshka linear solver

As I described in my previous posts, solving a linear system in a lattice QCD applications can be a very long process. We really want to optimize this linear solver, so we can find some answers about matter in our

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From Juelich to Nicosia with Love

As Ambra covered most of the technicalities of what we are working on here in Cyprus in her wonderful blog on lattice QCD and supercomputers. I will talk more about our experiences so far in Jülich, Germany where we had

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The wonders of the subatomic world: tiny particles and huge computers.

Note: On monday I started working on the PRACE Summer of HPC project called: Mixed precision linear solvers for lattice QCD. Since I think that most people don’t know about the subject I will write this post to tell you

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Peter Labus

Peter Labus is a 29 years old PhD student at the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, a harbor city located in the north-east of the wonderful country of Italy. While completing his PhD in Theoretical Physics he is

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Ambra Abdullahi Hassan

Ambra is a lovely, fun Italian girl of 24 years. Actually while her mom is Italian her dad comes from Somalia. Unfortunately she does not speak Somalian yet, nor has she been there — something she certainly wants to change in the future. Ambra

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Getting Started

Upon arrival on Saturday in Cyprus, Conor and I were greeted by blue sky, palm trees, and 36 degrees temperature. Thanks to our colleague, Stelios, who picked us up from the airport, we made it from Larnaka to Nicosia with

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