Bratislava: Chapter 1 out of 3

Point Zero Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Katerina. Katerina was a great warrior. Until one day she came across with a great challenge:  PRACE Summer of HPC. ‘I have to try it’, she

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Update from Nicosia

After barely surviving last week’s heatwave, I’m quite pleased to report things have cooled back down in Nicosia to an almost chilly 37 degrees. In the weeks since my last post, I’ve had the good fortune to discover Nicosia’s wide

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This summer is hot!

Dear readers, in this blog I offer a brief digest of impressions, memories,  and thoughts from the past few weeks, when I started on my adventure/journey for wisdom and experience in High Performance Computing in two beautiful cities Barcelona and Budapest. At

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15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 3)

The first and probably most important task due for our third week in Edinburgh was the Week 3 report. It’s not only about presenting our project after about two weeks of work but also updating the time schedule and preparing

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Passing a library-defined matrix over MPI

The communication of data between processes is a fundamental concept of MPI. In algorithm development one usually makes use of external dedicated linear algebra libraries (I choose Armadillo for my summer project) mainly because they are well tested, have good

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15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 2)

During our second week in Edinburgh, there were two PRACE trainings scheduled at EPCC. Both focused on the basics but we were still asked to have a look at them as some things could be useful. We were free to

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About training week

The Summer of High Performance Computing (SoHPC) is a program run by the Partnership For Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), and it gives you a chance to learn and enjoy your summer at one of the supercomputing Centers in Europe. The

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Cluster Scale GPGPU with OpenCL

Previous posts about climate modeling and CESM were required as this post is the crème de la crème of CESM from my point of view. Cluster scale GPGPU seems to be very nice, on paper, but as soon as we

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CESM – Modeling Earth Future Climate

CESM - High Level Component Diagram

Following the previous post, it is clear why climate modeling is performed using computers. The amount of data and computational needs of climate simulations can be significant, so supercomputers are extensively used to perform the task. In fact, THE strongest

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Summer of HPC kicks off in Edinburgh

On the cloudy Sunday of the June 29th, 24 perspective young students met together in the town of Edinburgh to start an amazing 2 months long adventure into the High Performance Computing. The kickoff started in the Leonard’s Hall, a

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