The end, or just another beginning?

As summer ends, I can’t help but rememb Jim Morrison (The Doors) singing “this is the end, my only friend, the end…”. This post also represents an end. It is the end of my Summer of HPC project and hence

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The triple P conundrum

Pasta, pizza and ParaView are the topics I want to talk about in this post. As a Catalan guy, I’m used to the Mediterranean diet and it is impossible for me not to talk about food when staying in Italy.

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Getting around CINECA – The beginning of web visualization.

“It was a warm summer evening in Ancient Greece…” says Sheldon Cooper when trying to teach some Physics to Penny. My story for the next two months, which I am going to explain in this blog, starts in a similar

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Arnau Miró

Hello everyone! My name is Arnau Miró. I am a 27 year old PhD student from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. I am currently located in a very nice city in Spain called Terrassa, which is about 30 km away from

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Assingnare Locus

Assignare Locus, the computer scientists equivalent of Expecto Patronum. This is the final blog in the trilogy, I am going to summarise the rest of the exciting experience I had in Slovenia along with a full description of the final

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Introduction to ParaView Catalyst

In my previous article you can find a brief introduction to the In Situ Visualization Technique which allows to explore simulation data during the run-time without involving storage resources of a supercomputer. Now it’s time to go a little bit further

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Dare to visualize – Tornado effect

Sometimes in life we have to accept dares, challenges or we even have to make self commitments to achieve success. By the way, this is human nature, after reaching one milestone we look to the next, and according to me:

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In Situ Visualization Technique

Traditionally, the process of performing numerical simulations consists of three separate steps: First, the input parameters (such as initial or boundary conditions) are specified, then the simulation is executed and finally, in order to determine the result, it is necessary

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Answers: Let the Blood Flow!

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz. I hope you liked it – even though I must admit that some answers were quite hard to find. As you see, the highest speed was reached at position (c), in the

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Regularly work smarter, not harder

I was working on my project the other day, when I ran into a bit of a pickle. I was in the process of balancing my programming karma: an expression I use for countering laziness and bad habits while writing

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Work smarter, not harder

to zhe laboratory!

A part of my project includes writing a plugin to help visualize data. For building plugins, I needed to compile ParaView from source and as you may or may not know, installing programs this way can sometimes take a considerable

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Lost?! Follow the orientation of a liquid crystal!

In the field of condensed matter physics, liquid crystals have a particular relevance due to their complex phase behaviour, their role as functional states of matter and particularly also because of their relevance for technological applications. Actually, the antithetic and

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One framework to simulate (nearly) every problem: Welcome, OpenFOAM!

The topic of our projects in Istanbul is simulation and visualisation of bioflow in coronary arteries. Since a lot about visualisation software such as ParaView and Visit has already been said, today we want to introduce the simulation software we will

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Working with Climate Data

Greetings from the Irish Centre of High-End Computing (ICHEC) in Galway, Ireland. I have settled down, learned the basics of what I need for my project and started working on it. My project involves processing and visualization of climate data

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First glimpse of the data

Over the past year or so, I’ve gotten quite used to loading .dat files of row data into matlab for visualisation. In matlab it’s easy, just type “load(‘filename’)” into the command line (or matlab script) and matlab returns an array

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The Green Island Heart – Dublin

Ireland is welcoming us with amazing weather: warm and sunny! We hope that is going to last more than one week because Ireland is known for its unstable and rainy weather. In fact, you can find the four seasons in

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