Anna Gradou

Anna Gradou is a young student from Athens, Greece. She is 23 years old and she is currently finishing her undergraduate studies at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens. She is doing her thesis which

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Mateusz Lango

Mateusz Lango is an ambitious PhD student from the Institute of Computing Science in Poznan University of Technology in Poland. In the PRACE Summer of HPC programme, he will be investigating how link prediction algorithms can benefit from being solved

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Peter Labus

Peter Labus is a 29 years old PhD student at the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, a harbor city located in the north-east of the wonderful country of Italy. While completing his PhD in Theoretical Physics he is

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Ambra Abdullahi Hassan

Ambra is a lovely, fun Italian girl of 24 years. Actually while her mom is Italian her dad comes from Somalia. Unfortunately she does not speak Somalian yet, nor has she been there — something she certainly wants to change in the future. Ambra

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Juan Eiros Zamora

Juan is a 23-year-old chemist from Barcelona, Spain. He did his undergraduate at the IQS university in Barcelona, and decided to continue his postgraduate studies abroad thanks to a scholarship provided by La Caixa. He finished his MRes in Chemical Biology

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Johannes Pekkilä

Johannes Pekkilä is a Master student at the Aalto University School of Science in Finland where he studies Computer Science. His academic interests are parallel computing, calculations on graphic processing units and computational physics (he even did his Bachelor’s on

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Petr Valenta

Petr Valenta comes from the beer heaven of Europe – the Czech Republic. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s studies in the Computational Physics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He already acquired a bachelor’s degree in the Engineering

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Training Week 2016!

PRACE Summer of HPC 2016 Update: Training week at Juelich This year, training week was at Juelich and it seems to have been the best training week yet! From MPI to Go-karting and good food, the week was a blast! It was

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Ján Hreha

Ján Hreha is from Slovakia and he is spending this amazing summer (of HPC) at NIIF in beautiful Budapest in Hungary working with The power of GPUs for Atomistic Simulations. Ján is currently 26 years old and spent last 10 years learning and promoting

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Rumyana Rumenova

My name is Rumyana, I am from Bulgaria and I just finished my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. At the moment I am primarily interested in parallelism and particularly in tools that alleviate the heavy

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Ben Chapman

  My name is Ben and I’m from York, UK. I have just finished my masters degree in theoretical physics and will start a Ph.D at Warwick, researching plasma physics for magnetic confinement fusion. Specifically, I will research the motion

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Laszlo Kovacs

László Kovács received his MSc degree in computer science from the University of Debrecen, Hungary, in 2010. In 2010 he started his PhD studies in Computer Science at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. Currently he is a doctorate candidate at

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Anthony Bourached

 Anthony Bourached is from Dublin, Ireland. He is spending this summer at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre, Ostrava, Czech Republic. He  will be working on the real time (In Situ) visualisation of ESPRESO solver using  Paraview Catalyst. He is 22-years-old and has recently completed his

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Albert Garcia

My name is Albert Garcia and I am from Alicante, Spain. I recently obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Alicante. I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Robotics at University of Alicante. My academic

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Sergio M. Afonso Fumero

Sergio is a student coming from Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands in Spain. He just obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of La Laguna, in which he majored in Computer Science specialization. He is mostly

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Leon Kocjancic

Leon Kocjancic comes from Skofije in Slovenia’s coastal region. He was chosen to spend his summer of 2015 at CINECA in Bologna to work on a project Exploring Mars Surface. Leon studied at the University of Ljubljana at the Faculty

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Cem Benar

Cem Benar is attending the Summer of HPC programme from Ozyegin University, Turkey. He is 22 years old and is currently in the last year of his BS degree. He plans to apply for a graduate programme in Computer Science

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Juraj Mavračić

I am currently working on my Master thesis at the Institute for Computational Materials Physics at the University of Vienna. Since my youth, I have been interested in natural sciences. Therefore, I took up chemistry studies, which satisfied my curiosity

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Ondřej Ticháček

Ondřej is from the Czech Republic. He is studying applied mathematics at Czech Technical University in Prague at the faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. He is currently dealing with a mathematical model of the inner ear and hearing

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Simon Pfreundschuh

Simon Pfreundschuh is a Master’s student in physics with a background in computer science and mathematics. Originally from Germany, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Kiel, Germany. After a short stay in Strasbourg, France,

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Simos Kazantzidis

 My name is Simos Kazantzidis and I am from Greece. I studied Computer Engineering at the National and Kapodistrian  University of Athens. I am a postgraduate student in Bioinformatics of Information and Technologies in Medicine and Biology (I.T.M.B) at the

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Conor Larkin

Conor Larkin is from Ireland where he has spent the last four years obtaining a BA in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin. He wrote two final year theses, one surrounding an investigation of effective bosonic string excitations in a U(1)

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Ondřej Vysocký

Ondrej is a 23 years old Czech and he is pursuing his master studies at the Brno University of Technology in programme Intelligent systems at Faculty of Information technology. After finishing his master studies, he is going to continue in

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Sarah Jenkins

Sarah is from The University of York, England. During her time there she studied physics, specialising in computational magnetism. This led to her masters thesis being entitled “The atomistic origin of exchange bias in Iridium Manganese/Cobalt Iron bilayers”. This is

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Anna Chantzoplaki

Anna Chantzoplaki will be working on the project “HPC Cluster Challenge” app with Nick Brown & Amy Krause, in EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. She is really excited and looking forward to it. Anna is 25 years old and

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