Paras Kumar

Ljubljana, Triple Bridge, Ljubljanica, Slovenia

Hello Readers, as might be suggested by the title of this post, here I’ll try to introduce myself and also give a glimpse of what this amazing experience called the Summer of HPC probably has in store for me. My

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Jan Packhäuser

Hi, my name is Jan Packhäuser, and I am a 23 year old student from Germany. I was born and raised in a small Bavarian town called Miltenberg which is located close to the border of the federal states Baden

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Parallel algorithm for non-negative matrix tri-factorization

Project reference: 1720 In computational biology we typically have p≥3 sets of data points P1,P2,…,Pp (e.g., sets of different biological objects including proteins, genes, drugs, diseases etc. with |Pi |=ni and for each pair i < j we have a data matrix Dij

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CAD data extraction for CFD simulation

Project reference: 1721 CAD geometry is a necessary input to run a numerical simulation. However, CAD geometry from the design office is not suitable for use directly in numerical simulation. This is due to CAD complexity with many small details

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Assingnare Locus

Assignare Locus, the computer scientists equivalent of Expecto Patronum. This is the final blog in the trilogy, I am going to summarise the rest of the exciting experience I had in Slovenia along with a full description of the final

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Better Jota that down, are you sure thats Ricet.

I feel like the second book in a trilogy is always the best, so fingers crossed this will be the best blog. After the first week in Ljubljana, my supervisor let me loose. This meant all the hard work and

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Two L’s and two J’s

Juelich, Germany: I’d like to begin with a little description of the introduction week in Germany, Juelich. Arriving on the Sunday, I was greeted by my roommate and a fabulous cup of English Tea with milk. As the famous saying

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Mateusz Lango

Mateusz Lango is an ambitious PhD student from the Institute of Computing Science in Poznan University of Technology in Poland. In the PRACE Summer of HPC programme, he will be investigating how link prediction algorithms can benefit from being solved

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Sam Hewitt

Sam is a friend of mine from UK,another mechanical engineer like me but born and brought up in Manchester,England and he graduated his Master Degree from Durham University (North East of England).He is currently pursuing his PhD in Manchester University

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All good things must come to an end

It has been a fantastic couple of weeks, but all good things must come to an end. The time has come for the preparation of the final report and the video presentation. My project has reached a satisfactory position and

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Zagreb, Vienna, OpenFoam vs ANSYS

I’ve had a busy and fun couple of weeks. After weeks of wrestling with OpenFOAM I finally got some results comparable to experiment and the commercial CFD software ANSYS. As usual, I’ve been traveling on weekends whenever possible. First the

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Exploring Slovenia: Maribor, Koper, and Ljubljana zoo!

In my third week in Slovenia I was lucky enough to have my girlfriend join me from the UK. We started by going to Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia. Luckily, Slovenia has an excellent car sharing service so

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Parallel boundary point method: Matlab has surrendered to C++!

After a little bit over a month of coding I can finally state it: Matlab has been knocked out! Both by the serial and parallel version of the C++ code actually. I am satisfied with that. Ever since I started

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Exploring Slovenia: Postojna and Bled

After a week of settling into life in Ljubljana the time came to explore a bit more of Slovenia. My colleague Mircea and I were very kindly taken to Postonja by the Ljubljana site coordinator Leon Kos. Whilst there, I was surprised

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Using open source CFD (OpenFOAM) for turbulence modelling of different wall-bounded flow regimes

Development of the high performance computers (HPC) has made possible conducting numerical simulation of fluid flow of practical interest. Turbulent separated bluff body flows are of great importance for the CFD community. Many turbulence models are developed to properly capture, with some success, the mechanisms found in the flow separation behind a bluff body.
This project aims in testing the ability of the current turbulence models found in the open source CFD (OpenFOAM) for high Reynolds number flows. Unsteady Reynolds Navier-Stokes (URANS) approach will be used for modelling the turbulent separated flows. The work will be done using the HPC resources offered at ULFS. Also, visualization of the results will be carried using ParaView.

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Parallel boundary point method

Semidefinite programming problems are optimization problems where we look for a symmetric matrix that satisfies certain set of linear equations, is positive semi definite (has all eigenvalues non-negative) and yields maximum value of given linear objective function (see e.g. .

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CFD predicts Wind loading on the Solar Tracker

Why do we need solar trackers? As we all know solar energy is a green energy. There is a increasing installation of the solar trackers each and every year in Europe. And it is more demanding  growing industry since European

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Girish Ramesh

Tokamaks, visualization, ParaView, high performance computing (HPC) and parallelism. Phew! It’s been a whirlwind of a month as I wind up the first half of my project “ParaView plugin for fusion data structures”.

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Allah Rakha

Wind barriers are artificial structures designed for wind protection. Their function is to reduce wind velocity within a certain distance. The numerical simulations were set to simulate the wind barrier. For this Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation we applied cell-centered numerics, a segregated approach on a collocated, unstructured grid. The three-dimensional finite volume method was used for reynold average navier stokes equations (RANS) equation discretization. This computational study of fluid turbulence of wind barriers was done by using well-known CFD models.

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Presentations from Slovenia

Here are the presentations from the Three Musketeers who completed their projects in Slovenia, Luna, Evguenia & Mathi. Luna Evguenia Mathi Please follow and like us:

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If you can visualize the shape, you can understand the system

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) was a Scottish theoretical physicist. His most prominent achievement was the formulation of a set of equations over which we walked in the hallway of James Clerk Maxwell building at EPCC supercomputing centre (University of Edinburgh). His

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Discovering the Energy of the Future

The essence of our projects is adding new functionality to existing software. However, as software is only a means to an end, a question arises right away: what is it going to be used for? The answer is an exciting

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The Three Musketeers in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The journey to Ljubljana was a long one – especially for Mathi and Evguenia, who had to catch a flight from Edinburgh at 6am and had a layover in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, after plenty of naps on the plane, the two

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Site Spotlight: Slovenia

PRACE Summer of HPC (SoHPC) is held at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (ULFME) that hosts the largest HPC facility of research and education in Slovenia. ULFME is in charge of the management and/or coordination of the

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Universal Access Layer Reader

Upgrades of the VisIt Universal Access Layer reader plugin Location: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of mechanical engineering (ULFME), Ljubljana, Slovenia Project Abstract: This project is about programming in C++ with XSLT code generation. The aim is to extend existing program (UAL database reader

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