Final thoughts

Summer of HPC 2015 is over now and we have all returned to our homes, eager to work on new projects and using knowledge gained during the past 2 months. There have been some really interesting projects presented during the

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15 degrees, rain and HPC: Summer in Edinburgh (week 3)

The first and probably most important task due for our third week in Edinburgh was the Week 3 report. It’s not only about presenting our project after about two weeks of work but also updating the time schedule and preparing

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A picture is worth a thousand thousand tiny numbers.

This week I decided to talk a bit more about my project. Here at IT4Innovations they have innovated a program abbreviated ESPRESO (ExaScale PaRallel FETI SOlver). It is a highly efficient solver that contains FETI based algorithms. FETI, other than sounding like

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Ben Chapman

  My name is Ben and I’m from York, UK. I have just finished my masters degree in theoretical physics and will start a Ph.D at Warwick, researching plasma physics for magnetic confinement fusion. Specifically, I will research the motion

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