Ostrava : A city with a heart of steel

For sure, information about the city near the border of the Czech Republic where four rivers meet can be found in most tour guides. But I would still like to share with you how we discovered the hidden vibes of

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Looking back at the training week

During the last few weeks before the Summer of HPC, I literally didn’t stop for a second. I was exhausted after trying to finish my exams so I was really looking forward to some time off. And what can be

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About training week

The Summer of High Performance Computing (SoHPC) is a program run by the Partnership For Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), and it gives you a chance to learn and enjoy your summer at one of the supercomputing Centers in Europe. The

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The (short) story of a month at SoHPC

As you already know by reading the other SoHPCers posts, this adventure starts in Barcelona, more precisely on the beach, where we all took lessons on MPI, OpenMP, performance measurement tools, visualisation tools, etc. You might have also read all

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