Gözde Sarıkaya

Gözde is 24 years old and comes from Istanbul, Turkey. She received her BSc in Mathematics, which also includes major with Computer Engineering. At the moment, she’s pursuing Master’s Degree on Information Security and Cryptography at Istanbul Technical University. Gözde

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Presentations from Turkey

Here are the presentations from Matteo and Hannes Matteo Hannes Please follow and like us:

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Quiz: Let the Blood Flow!

The blood flow in an artery depends strongly on the geometry of the vessel – but can you predict how? In this quiz, I show you three vessel geometries for which we calculated the blood flow. Guess at which positions

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One framework to simulate (nearly) every problem: Welcome, OpenFOAM!

The topic of our projects in Istanbul is simulation and visualisation of bioflow in coronary arteries. Since a lot about visualisation software such as ParaView and Visit has already been said, today we want to introduce the simulation software we will

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SoHPC Team Scores Last in Pub Quiz!

A mixed German-Austrian-Finnish-Turkish team scored last in Monday’s pub quiz at Reverie in Newington Road, Edinburgh, and earned nothing but laughter and disgust for the worst joke ever. We won’t tell it here, no chance. The evening started when our

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Bioflow in Coronary Arteries

The aim of this project is the modelling of blood flow within coronary artery and visualization the large data set with Paraview – an open source visualization tool. This project will have two students.

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