Parallel algorithm for non-negative matrix tri-factorization

Project reference: 1720 In computational biology we typically have p≥3 sets of data points P1,P2,…,Pp (e.g., sets of different biological objects including proteins, genes, drugs, diseases etc. with |Pi |=ni and for each pair i < j we have a data matrix Dij

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CAD data extraction for CFD simulation

Project reference: 1721 CAD geometry is a necessary input to run a numerical simulation. However, CAD geometry from the design office is not suitable for use directly in numerical simulation. This is due to CAD complexity with many small details

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Two L’s and two J’s

Juelich, Germany: I’d like to begin with a little description of the introduction week in Germany, Juelich. Arriving on the Sunday, I was greeted by my roommate and a fabulous cup of English Tea with milk. As the famous saying

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