The World of 3D Web Visualisation

The World of 3D Web Visualisation

The summer in Italy is not seeming to end but my stay here does. In my last post I showcased my work which was by that time almost done. From then, the looks didn’t change much, only the underlying stuff to make it faster, more stable and better altogether. The biggest change in looks was the 3D model itself where we added the “room” to the model so it looks more realistic and closer to the real thing which you can see in the video below. You can watch the whole glory in my video presentation of the project.

The Summary

All in all, this summer was the best summer I ever had and probably will ever have. My buddy Arnau introduced me to proper photography and as a result I already spent more than 1000 euros on my own DSLR and lenses. Actually, my newest lens just arrived today. Thanks Arnau, I am broke now!

My newest lens, the Samyang 14 mm ultra wide angle. Awesome for landscape photos and stars.

Another thing I got this summer was fat. Quite a lot. So during the autumn I have something to do at least. But who wouldn’t get fat with all the superb food around me. All the pizza, pasta, antipasti, meat, beer and wine. You have to enjoy everything!

To get less fat, a bike helped. We were given bikes by our colleagues in order to get to work and with a simple calculation we biked more than 210 km during the stay here.

We also visited quite a lot of Italy. We stuffed our stomachs in Bologna (of course), Venice, Florence, Parma and even Rome. And in the meantime, between meals we took a lot of photos. I actually took more than 2100 photos! One of my favorite photos I took is this one from the top of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City.

It is actually 17 photos stitched together creating almost 360 degrees panorama of Rome and I am planning on printing it. The length of canvas, if I want a 30 cm high one, is 213 cm. Pretty long, but awesome!

To end on a high note, I will modify a quote from my favorite author – Douglas Adams

So long, and thanks for all the food!

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