Update from Nicosia

After barely surviving last week’s heatwave, I’m quite pleased to report things have cooled back down in Nicosia to an almost chilly 37 degrees. In the weeks since my last post, I’ve had the good fortune to discover Nicosia’s wide

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Numerical Algorithms in LQCD

Here I will attempt to explain some of the more technical numerical aspects as to the algorithms being used in tmLQCD and some other interesting things about QCD. A computationally significant part of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics is the solving of

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First Impressions of Nicosia

As a pleasant consequence of having a connecting flight in Munich, we flew over the Austrian Alps on the way to Cyprus. I was lucky enough to be sitting in a window seat. It was definitely something special to see

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Conor Larkin

Conor Larkin is from Ireland where he has spent the last four years obtaining a BA in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin. He wrote two final year theses, one surrounding an investigation of effective bosonic string excitations in a U(1)

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