Muhammad Omer Cem Oran Neli Sedej George Katsikas Seán McEntee Cathal Maguire Aisling Paterson Stefan Popov Nathan Byford Roberto Rocco Petar Đekanović Jerónimo Sánchez García Irem Kaya Alexander Julian Pfleger Antonios-Kyrillos Chatzimichail Busenur Aktilav Berker Demirel Andres Vicente Arevalo Marco …

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Hi again! In my last post I mentioned how we parallellized the decision tree algorithm with MPI and how much performance gain we obtained with increasing number of cores. In this post I would like to briefly discuss how the …

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Well… what a summer! If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d be using a supercomputer to run simulations on submarines, I’d have thought you were crazy – and then probably asked where I can sign up! It’s been a …

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Dear readers, this summer has flown by, and now it is time to tie up any loose ends. As the countdown continues, my colleague and I are hard at work wrapping everything up.

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Today I’ll explain you how hybrid programming can cook the biggest pizza in the world. Our job for today is to cover the surface of Europe with pizza! The task is: “ Make a pizza based on the geospatial coordinates …

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My “Hello world” blog post for Prace Summer of HPC 2020. Introducing myself and my first thoughts about SoHPC 2020.

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I really would have liked to write this post while I was enjoying the cool morning mist in Edinburgh. But here I am, at my home in Izmir, Turkey; suffering from a heat stroke. I am a computer engineering student …

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An expanding SNe interacting with a surrounding torus of matter.

An update on my progress with Project #2003, featuring snapshots of various Supernova Explosion Simulations, which I modeled over the last few weeks.

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A short blog about my me and my journey to PRACE Summer of HPC along with a brief introduction to my project here in SoHPC and how I spent my first few weeks of the summer school.

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Welcome to my Summer of HPC blog! In this post I will tell a little about my self and about the very exciting start of the SoHPC program.

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Hey Folks, it is been a while since I started my adventure in quantum computing at the Irish Center for High-End Computing and so far it is mind-blowing. Together with my colleague Sara, we started implementing an algorithm to compare …

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To describe

“The projects essence is the lattice discretization of Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD), which allows one to compute the behaviour of gluons and quarks by machinery”

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About me, a post which introduces myself, and the HPC Project which I will be partaking this Summer.

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My name is Jesús Molina Rodríguez de Vera. I am from Murcia, which is located in the southeast of Spain. I have just finished my double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Murcia. When the time …

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I had the incredible opportunity of undertaking my Bachelor’s thesis at the Barcelona supercomputing center, which was my first formal introduction to HPC. This sparked an interest and exhibited immense potential with my brief experience. This was when I met …

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A new journey begins. What should I take with me? Normally I would start packing my luggage with underwear. One for each day and the extra one I still take with me even though I am 26. But how do …

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THE PAST My name is Paddy Cahalane and I am a 22-year-old student from Dublin, Ireland. I have just completed my undergraduate degree in Astrophysics at Trinity College Dublin. As part of my undergrad, I did a 3-month research project …

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”The Schrödinger equation explains everything but cannot explain anything “ – With this dilemma my solid-state physics professor addressed the limits of his course right in the beginning. The equation , so mighty yet so short, when applied on single …

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Hello dear reader, welcome to my series of posts about HPC! The Blog of “Summer of HPC 2020” will be full of news in the upcoming months, you will be able to follow 24 cutting edge projects on different matters …

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Hi everyone, I am Clément Richefort, a 21 years old french enthusiastic in both High Performance Computing and Linear Algebra. I am studying at the Polytechnic Engineering School of the University of Lille, and now enrolled in the 2023 project …

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