Alexander J. Pfleger

Alexander J. Pfleger

”The Schrödinger equation explains everything but cannot explain anything “ – With this dilemma my solid-state physics professor addressed the limits of his course right in the beginning. The equation \hat H\left|\Psi\right> = E\left|\Psi\right>, so mighty yet so short, when applied on single atoms becomes analytically unsolvable without further simplifications. A numerical approach would also yield sufficient answers. Still for many-body-systems, like in heavier atoms or molecules, no solution can be found in a reasonable time.

I am Alexander J. Pfleger, a physics student from Graz, Austria. During my studies, I stumbled over similar problems quite frequently. The limiting factor was always set by the available computational power. I dare to say, my personal experience only covers a fraction of all existing problems of this kind. Solving some problems in the sectors environment, fusion energy, and health could improve human life drastically. Therefore, progress in HPC (High-Performance Computing) is useful and inevitable for the science of today and the humanity of tomorrow. This is the reason I joined the HPC programme “PRACE Summer of HPC”.

Currently, I am finishing my master’s thesis on simulations of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system. I am holding bachelor degrees in electrical engineering and audio engineering, and physics. In my free time, I organize the science competition PLANCKS. Or just play the piano. As you can see, I like to explore things. If you want to explore with me, stay tuned for my next posts.

Currently writing his master's thesis on "Simulations of SOFC systems" and working for the Journal JIPSS. Holds bachelor degrees in electrical engineering and audio engineering, and physics. Founder of PLANCKS Austria.

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