SoHPC2019.Finalize() – An Overview of the Story

Hello ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened. It was a great month for me with awesome stories. SoHPC2019 introduced new topics, nice friends and beautiful places to me. Have you ever

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Near the end (or already there?)

I know I haven’t kept my promise of giving a regular heads-up on what is going on with my project, but these last days have been so extremely busy and overwhelming that haven’t allowed me to do so. Overwhelming, in

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The end of the beginning!

We have come to the end of my project! I cannot believe how quickly this internship has gone and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I hope you enjoy this final blog post of mine as I explain the

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Switching things up with the Neural Compute Stick!

Hi everyone! As I elaborated in my last two blogposts on what the Intel Neural Compute Stick is and how to use it in combination with the OpenVino toolkit, I will describe in this blog post what the “dynamic” part

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Time to speed things up!

Today I will tell you how to speed up a programme running on a GPU. Do you remember the accumulation tree example from my last post?I was provided with a working version of it, with a global queue to stores

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My task : tasking on GPUs

Is you graphics card able to run N-body simulations in a smart way? A complex tree algorithm, a sophisticated tasking system, is all that a task for a GPU? No, some will say, a graphics card can do only basic

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I wanna be … a billionaire!

Here we are at the end of August and it is time to sum up all the job done during these two months of SoHPC. Remember to check the previous posts if you are not update to the latest proceedings

Calling the __main__

Or sum up of a summer upon HPCs. Index In my one + three blog posts, I tried to present every 20 days a different aspect. Me + three relatively different topics that combined provide the basis of my unique

What is Next??

A video of my work is published on the Youtube. For anyone who is interested, it can also be viewed here. The details of my project can be found in this github repository, Also, a magazine will be published

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In the German movie Good bye, Lenin, a proud socialist woman falls into a comma in October 1989. When she wakes up again, the Wall has already fallen. To protect her health, her son decides to hide this historical episode

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Your Slurm job has been terminated

Wow, the Summer of HPC is gone so fast. The little country of Luxembourg has welcomed us only a few weeks ago and now it’s time to go back. The last moments at the HPC group were full of things

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Episode 4: Epilogue.

Everything comes to an end…

So this is the end of my SoHPC. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog posts!


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Goodbye CINECA! Goodbye Li!

Goodbye CINECA! Goodbye Li! Last week concluded my (almost) two month stay at CINECA in Bologna. I worked on an interesting project and got to experience the life in Bologna. Project The first big part of my project was data

What is HPC? And why should you care?

Hey all!
Today I just wanted to make a brief introduction to HPC to the Jon Snows who know nothing about HPC!
I hope this post can be useful!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have some questions or want to tell me what you think about this!

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From Bologna to Julich to the very end

The past two months have been a really great experience and i would like to thank PRACE summer for the opportunity that has given me to participate in this program and work with supercomputers. I would also like to thank

Learn to Write MapReduce in R Step-by-Step

Firstly, you need a local virtual instance of Hadoop with R, which you can download from Oracle Virtual Machine (or VMWare) and the image from Mint-Hadoop.ova. This ova file already contains a working version of Hadoop & RStudio. Starting Hadoop

Goodbye, GASNet!

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances… William Shakespeare I admit this is a bit pathetic, but maybe it’s the end of these great two months which

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Recipe for a delicious dish

Hello, my friends. Today we will learn how to cook the dish show bellow, in Python, using PyQt5. I don’t know if you see it yet, but bellow is a dish of pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. Still don’t

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Tying up loose ends

It’s hard to believe that I have less than a week left here in Luxembourg. The past few days have been quite busy between filming my presentation, working on my final report, tidying up my code, and fleshing out the

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Performance and Encryption goals – can you really have it all?

My time in Amsterdam is coming to an end. Not only did Allison and I explore a lot, but we also learned a lot and are now finalising our projects. So, for one last time, I guess it’s time to

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