PRACE Summer of HPC 2019 opens applications

Late-stage undergraduate and Master’s students are invited to apply for the PRACE Summer of HPC 2019 programme, to be held in July & August 2019. Consisting of a training week and two months on placement at top HPC centres around

Announcing Summer of HPC 2019

Applications are open from 18th of January 2019. See the Timeline for more details. PRACE Summer of HPC programme is announcing projects for 2019 for preview and comments by students. Please send questions to coordinators directly by the 15th of January. Clarifications will

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As I said in my first blog post, I came from a city called little Amsterdam because of bikes. Therefore it was obvious that I would buy a bike here. I wanted to buy the cheapest bike possible. You can

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Spooky action at the distance

I would like to start with a joke: Cat walks into a bar… and doesn’t. That is Schrodinger’s cat which shows us how bizarre the quantum world is. Some people understand Schrodinger’s cat experiment in a way that you can

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Frisbee Vlog

Traveling to foreign countries for longer periods of time is always a great experience, especially because you have a chance to really get to know the culture and to meet new people. Making friends abroad might often be a challenging task,

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Flatpacking the data processing system. Innovative IKEA “FåKopp kaffe” system – a case study

After two months of intensive work here in the heart of Scottish pride plains, a time has come to conclude the results and verify the initial expectations. My project was developed as a part of a data processing framework for

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Algorithms and Adventures

In my previous post I discussed Job Scheduling algorithms, now I will tackle how we are approaching working with them. In my project, the NEXTGENIO research group (which is part of PRACE) have made a HPC system simulator that allows

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Programming LED lights

In my previous post I summed up what it is like to build up a Raspberry Pi based “supercomputer”. Since Raspberry Pi is a versatile device there are many more fun things one can do with it besides just running programs

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Importance of a Sensei and HPC kung fu!

  This time I would simply like to boast the awesomeness of my Sensei, here at Cineca, who has been indirectly, gelled with some fascinating and intriguing conversations, teaching me HPC kung fu! Well, it is me grasping more than

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The Ballad of Fast Multipoles

In fields of complex numbers forests of many an-octree a lone student now slumbers unknowing of horrors to be The slug-dragon lurks yonder its square head a dim wonder daren’t thither unarmed wander lest ye are of death fonder First

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If your problem is too big, get a GPU to do the work!

Hello again, it is time to update you on my project and since Marc already told you what lattice Quantum Chromodynamics is about we can dive right in. To deal with QCD, we take a four dimensional space-time lattice and

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Canoeing in Little Danube

Bratislava is a great city. The first thing that caught my attention when my airplane landed at Bratislava airport was the big green landscapes. The first impression of the city was really great and I couldn’t wait to explore the

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Is your code malleable?

Grey cast iron, white cast iron, ductile iron, malleable iron,……. Oh my gosh, so many types of cast iron! What is the difference? This was the question which always used to annoy me when I was graduating as a mechanical engineer.

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A HPC System and Web Visualization with Grafana

What is a HPC system ?  High performance computing (HPC) is the use of parallel processing for running advanced application programs efficiently, reliably and quickly. Typical users are scientific researchers, engineers, data analysts. In the race for Exascale supercomputer systems,

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Chat with PhD Student Irina Tihaa about Neuroelectronics

This Friday the JSC’s summer students arrived, which meant that I was able to tag along for their introductory tour of the Jülich Föreschungszentrum. We cycled around the campus with our guide, Irina Tihaa, a PhD student studying “neuroelectronics”. I

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If your problem is too big, make it smaller!

Welcome back everyone! Finally, we are ready to talk about the project. Recalling what I said in my previous post, when doing lattice QCD simulations, I said that we need to “let evolve” the quarks. More precisely, we need to

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Simulating the behaviour of mutated PI3Kα with metadynamics

Hello again everyone, Pedro here! Much has been going on here in Athens, as I have now delved into my project. I’m studying the effects of the E545K mutation of the PI3Kα (phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase α) protein using molecular dynamics with

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Building up a “supercomputer”

The official title of my project is “Parallel Computing Demonstrations on Wee ARCHIE”. One would therefore probably expect me to be spending most of my time playing around withWee Archie.  For those who don’t know yet, Wee Archie is a

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Visualizations in Bologna, CINECA – Italy

Hi from Bologna ! 🙂 It has been 5 weeks since I came to Bologna. It is a small and enjoyable city. I stay in the center of the city. CINECA, Italy’s HPC center is a bit far off the center.

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Assembling genome, one nucleotide at a time

It has been a bit more than a month since my project began. Initially, the learning curve was rather steep as the project I am working on, ABySS, a bioinformatics software for assembling DNA sequences is complex and consists of

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HPC on a single-core machine. Is it possible ?

Hello everyone! It’s been already 1 month here in Castello de la Plana, Spain for the PRACE Summer of HPC programme and one thing I have realized for sure is that the time passes really fast when you are having

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Electrons in a nanotube

SOLID2000 is a simulation program for systems that have symmetry in three dimensions, such as crystals. The code is written mostly in FORTRAN77 and FORTRAN95. My project is to parallelize the calculation of the band structure using MPI, which is

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A super(computing) tour

So, James and I went on a tour to visit the machines we’re working with, Salomon and Anselm supercomputers. We were guided by the IT4I institute director Branislav Jansík, and it was soon apparent he is acquainted with just about every

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Radiation, invisible power around you

Hello everyone ! Life is fantastic in Ljubljana. Working in the surroundings of wonderful mountains makes me feel like a hero of a fairy tale. We’ve changed the month in the calendar but I still can’t believe how fast time

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I’ve been interviewed!

Hello everybody! It’s already august. This summer  is going by really quickly. We have already worked a lot, but there are still many things to do till the end of of this month! About myself and about Slovenia, almost nothing

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Job Scheduling Algorithms and The Open at Carnoustie

I’m well underway into the PRACE Summer of HPC program and my project is going well. I am working with Dr. Nick Johnson (link) on the NEXTGENIO  project (link). Here is an introduction to my project. HPC systems are expensive

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Studying the smallest particles with the biggest machines

Hi everyone! Welcome back! It’s has been three weeks since we arrived in Nicosia. As an introduction to Cyprus culture, our site coordinator (shout-out to Stelios!) took us out for a meze the night we landed. I’ve never seen so many

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So what’s HPC? An overview

So I’m over here in Edinburgh working on a project in the field of “High Performance Computing” (HPC), but what does that mean? I didn’t know what that was when I was first introduced to it a year ago, so

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Eloping for Graduation, Mother-tongues in Programming

Doing a summer internship might feel like skipping a well-deserved vacation after a long year at uni, but fortunately most supervisors are pretty flexible about giving us students some days off. Last week I flew back to Manchester for a

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High-level Visualization of Performance Data

Hi, my name is James Lowe, I am 23 years old and I was born and raised on the north-side of Dublin, Ireland. I have just this summer completed my bachelors degree in Electronic and Communications engineering at the Dublin

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The Road to SoHPC

After graduating my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, the quest for finding the better possible version of myself began. I always had a passion for understanding the physics of objects around me. Fortunately, I found a job where I was able

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Marcin Konieczny

Hello everyone, I am a 21 years old student at Poznań University of Technology in the field of Computer Science. In September I’m going to start my last semester of my BSc degree. In a nutshell, I’m a geography and

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printf(“Hello World!”);

Welcome to my first blog post, (Apologies as this is quite late in being posted, as I’ve had a few hectic weeks, with moving accommodation, getting started on the project and just adjusting to living here.) Enough excuses, back to

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Journey to a HPC verse by Atul Singh

Hi, my name is Atul and I am 25 years old. I hail from India, and I am currently enrolled as a MSc student in Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Rostock, Germany. These are (and will be)

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Pedro Santos

Hi everyone! My name is Pedro Santos, and I’m participating in the PRACE Summer of HPC 2018 programme. I’m from Coimbra, Portugal, home to one of the oldest universities in Europe (dating back to 1290), which has very rich and

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Vladimir Nikolić

Hi, everyone, I am a student of the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade majoring in Software Engineering. The Summer of HPC programme was introduced to me by my Professor who attended it a few years ago, and who

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Auld Reekie might be tricky.

Hello! I am Eva, a Numerical and Computational mathematics student from Prague, Czech Republic. My main field of interest is numerical linear algebra, specifically all kinds of matrix calculations. Just recently, I started to focus on discrete inverse problems as a part

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Petteri Vainikka

Greetings from Athens! My name is Petteri. I am from Finland, where I am currently finishing my MSc in chemistry. I started my studies in the university of Turku in 2013, studying geology. After taking my introductory course in physical

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Enes Çankırı

When I was a kid, we only had my brother’s computer at home. I was 5 years old and I was only allowed to play with the computer for 15-20 minutes every day. Then one day, my brother asked me

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Wojtek Laskowski

Hi, My name is Wojtek, I’m 25 years old and thrilled to announce that I’m spending this summer in Barcelona, Spain. Besides leaving home for 2 months for one of the most fascinating places in the world, I’ll also be

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Klajdi Bodurri

Hello fellow reader, Let me introduce myself – which is the most boring part in this post, but I promise after that it gets interesting. My name is Klajdi Bodurri and I am 23 years old. I was born in

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Starting to Summer Of HPC

I am finally participating in the PRACE Summer of HPC, a programme I wanted to be part of a lot!.I followed a parallel computing course during the last semester at university and the teacher of this course  shared with us

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The importance of being jesting by Jakub Mojsiejuk

I am an Electronics and Telecommunications (i.e. Networking) undergraduate at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland.  My current research interest revolves around machine learning, Big Data architectures and spintronics. Although my background is in engineering, I hope for

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Filip Kuklis

Hi there! My name is Filip Kuklis. I am a 25-year-old IT guy and I am coming from Slovak “city of dreams” – Piestany. Piestany is also known as “Little Amsterdam” of Slovakia, because of its bikes. But for now,

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Sukhminder Singh

Working on some C++ codes sitting in a lab at Jaume I University, Castellón de la Plana, Spain, I just thought why not to break the ice and write my first blogpost to introduce myself. I am Sukhminder Singh, an

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George Nikoulis

Hello everyone. My name is George and I am a 24 year old student from Greece studying for my Master in Computational Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During my Bachelor studies in Physics, I  had a strong interest

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Ants in Groceries and First Impressions

Moving countries is always a bit of a hassle, even if you are only coming for a summer internship. Things can, and often will, go slightly wrong, but I don’t think it should stop anyone from signing up to new

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Marius Neumann

Hello world! I am Marius Neumann, a 22-year old physics student from Germany. Currently I’m studying for my Master’s degree at Bielefeld University, Germany. Bielefeld is located close to the border between North Rhine Westphalia and Lower Saxony (and despite

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Mario González Carpintero

Hello everyone! I am writing this post from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, where my PRACE Summer of HPC project is taking place. The training week has been fabulous, but now it’s time to pack and start a new individual

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Marc Illa Subiña

Hi there, my name is Marc, I’m 24 years old, and I’m in my first year of PhD at the Universitat de Barcelona, in Catalonia. I’ve done all my studies in Barcelona, starting with a Bachelor degree in Physics, then

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Zheqi Yu

This is a great experience, I am very honoured to participate in the PRACE Summer of HPC 2018 programme. Not only do I have access to the knowledge of high-performance parallel computing, but I have also met people and made

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Training Week at Edinburgh

“Hey, thought this might be of interest…” A one line email with a link from my supervisor this spring. The website was of course,, and I did in fact, find it of interest. The opportunity to work in a

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Students participating in PRACE Summer of HPC 2018

The 23 projects for the Summer of HPC 2018 will start with the selected students listed at the application page. The programme will start with the training week at EPCC in Edinburgh and then continue directly at 11 PRACE hosting

Visualising how the World’s Centre for Supercomputing Shifted over the Last Decade

1. Introduction In an age marked by data-driven knowledge, visualisation plays a major role for exploring and understanding datasets. Visualisations have an amazing ability to condense, analyse, and communicate data as if telling a story with numbers. In contrast to

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No Tenim Por

The candle vigil at La Rambla and Catalunya.

~ We Are Not Afraid ~ When I last wrote for this blog we were having a good time at “La Festa” – mild injuries notwithstanding. This was, as we all know by now, rudely interrupted by the terrible event

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The Clusters of Supercomputers: The Top500 List in the Eyes of Machine Learning

1. Introduction This summer I started to make my first steps towards the field of HPC. My participation to the SoHPC program sparked my curiosity about this field and I have become willing to learn more about the world’s most

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More results of the matric trifactorization!

After two exciting months, the Summer of HPC comes to an end. However, the last few weeks have been quite intense. On the one hand, Paras and I aimed to visit as many interesting places as possible, but on the other hand

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Adéu, Barcelona.

The sea through the train window

Well, I’m writing this from back home in Norway after a great summer in Barcelona! This time, I’ve decided not to write so much hard scientific stuff as before. For that, I refer back to my two previous posts one on

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A Recipe To Train A Machine

Hi, this is going to be my last post. I am going to introduce to you the machine learning (ML) pipeline in my project 🙂 In short, ML is a set of approaches to make data predictions using a series

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Mmh! Now THIS is a Tasty Kernel!

me, with an afro, eyeing a tasty cuda kernel

Like all entropy-generating processes, the Summer of HPC must come to an end. However, you won’t get rid of me that easily, since there’s still one more blog post left to be done! This time I’ll tell you more about

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Unfinished creative work?

Two months of this summer have passed by very fast. It is the end of my Summer of HPC project and thus the end of my adventure in Scotland. However, is it the end of this project for sure? I’m

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The convergence between High Performance Computing and Big Data

This Summer of HPC in Bratislava is coming to it’s end. A summer which has been full of adventures and amazing experiences, meeting great people and spending a lot of time working hard on the project and learning from it.

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Automated Extraction of Metadata from Climate Simulations: Project Wrap-Up

1. Introduction As the project intensively included the processing of NetCDF datasets, this section serves as a brief background to the NetCDF format and its underlying data structure. NetCDF stands for “Network Common Data Form”. The NetCDF creators (Rew, Davis,

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Cleaning things up

The wonderful and memorable summer, like every good thing, has finally come to an end. Thus, in this post I’ll try to wrap up things with some more remarks on the project and also some interesting pictures from our visit

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Building a reliable model from just a few observations

Welcome to my final blog post on the PRACE SoHPC website! First, I will show you a trick I used for building an accurate model from few data observations. Then I will  introduce the video presentation that summarises my work

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Learning to track objects in 4D data

flowing foam sytem tomographic reconstruction animation 3D

At the time when I wrote my last blog post (check it out if you didn’t read it!) I was quite happy with the state of my Summer of HPC project “Tracing in 4D data“. I had completed the implementation

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The World of 3D Web Visualisation

The summer in Italy is not seeming to end but my stay here does. In my last post I showcased my work which was by that time almost done. From then, the looks didn’t change much, only the underlying stuff

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An Interactive Visualisation to Explore the Top500 List

1. Introduction Among many definitions of visualisation, I prefer when perhaps it was ideally described as the transformation of the symbolic into the geometric (McCormick, 1987). In this sense, visualisation methods are increasingly embraced to explore, communicate, and establish our

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The best of both worlds

comparison between NumPy, Cython and Cython with the OpenCL solver

Sometimes, rejecting unfeasible ideas early enough is a crucial step towards actually solving a problem. In my quest to speed up the ocean modeling framework Veros, I considered the option of restructuring the existing pure Python code in order to

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Cheers to the wee Visualization of a Well-Log correlation!

Greetings from Edinburgh 🙂 During the past few weeks I have been able to finalize the project task that I have been assigned and I am very very excited for that. In a nutshell, a Python based code was developed

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The end, or just another beginning?

As summer ends, I can’t help but rememb Jim Morrison (The Doors) singing “this is the end, my only friend, the end…”. This post also represents an end. It is the end of my Summer of HPC project and hence

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Accelerating physics simulations with data science and vectorization

Last few weeks, it has been a very interesting time here at the Jülich Supercomputing Center. Unfortunately, I only have a bit more than a week to spend on these fascinating topics with the inspiring people here at the center.

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Baptism of Fire

Devil costume with fireworks.

~ how NOT to prepare for an adventure ~ A new beginning The morning broke, as it always does, with the ringing of the clock reminding me of the fact that I should have made the appointment with my bed

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Visualising the World Map of Supercomputers

“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.”, John Tukey. Introduction Data visualisation continues to change the way we see, interpret and understand the world around us. But it

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More on Deep Q networks

Nature cover

It’s time for another blog post apparently! Just as last time, I have decided to fill it with science! This time I will talk mostly about the “Deep Q Network” and the “Stochastic Gradient Descent” algorithm. These are all fairly

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El Niño around the world

In my last post, I explained what El Niño events were about. In general, El Niño events are part of a bigger oscillation pattern in the climate of Earth called ENSO (El Niño-Southern Oscillation) that changes patterns in temperature and

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CAD is BAD !!

Diamond, Brilliant, Postojna, Stalgamite

Caves , Castles and CAD data extraction – these are the three key subjects of focus in this blog. Now, having spent more than a month in Ljubljana, I have been able to make some progress not only in my SoHPC

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How To Build Your Very Own Graphics Engine

Disclaimer: This post will not teach you how to build your own graphics engine. It may, however, delight and confuse you. In my previous post (which you can find here) I introduced what radiosity is along with why and how

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Breaking the 4th dimensional wall of object tracking

another brick in the wall

My first Monday morning in Copenhagen, Konstantinos and I met the guys working at the Niels Bohr Institute and we had a very delicious breakfast together. Seriously, Danish pastries are so good I can understand why the Danes named them

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I’ve had it with these Motherlovin’ Bugs on these Motherlovin’ Multipoles!

moth, c++, pointer errors, segfault

My project has reached a turning point! What I’ve now got is an Multipole2Local segment of the Fast Multipole Method written in C++ using HIP and thus it runs on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. The next step is to

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Life of Py


August 7th 5:30 am, Copenhagen Central Station. I spent the weekend exploring the city along with my roommate Alessandro and my friend Antti, who traveled from Jülich to visit us. Among other activities, we walked the helical corridor to reach

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Shared But Hard to Use: Helping Climate Researchers Share, Discover, and Use Data

1. The Problem Sharing data among researchers is usually an afterthought. In our case, data is already shared publicly on a data repository, which is called DSpace. DSpace serves as an open-access repository for scholarly data published in various scientific

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Exploring Edinburgh, Python coding and many more

Hello everyone, Greetings from Edinburgh’s sunny festival season 🙂 During the past few weeks I have been both exploring this vibrant city and cultivating my Python programming skills. I will give you more details about how my work has been

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Quality measure comparison of Slovenian landscape and iterative methods

Since in the last entry I promised that I am going to talk about the comparison between the fixed point method and the projected gradient method I will dwell on this. But first of all, let me show you some of

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Which is the busiest node in the HPC cluster

What is a high-performance computer (HPC)? In simple terms, nowadays it is a cluster of innumerous ‘mini’ computers (nodes) interlinked by the same network. When a big calculation is submitted to the HPC, it will be fragmented into thousands of

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It’s Alive!

In my previous post it was all just dry theory and nothing to show (apart from a great food picture). Today the post will only be about presenting the “cool stuff”, and for that, just for you guys, my buddy

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Bridging the gap between High Performance Computing and Big Data

In today’s blog post, I’ll talk about the successful (yaaaay!) progress of my project with a technical point of view. So if you are into Computer Science, I’m sure you will find this interesting! This post will be structured using

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That’s hot

Over the past decades, the planet has been experiencing worldwide climate change. In particular, the global warming process is characterized by drastic weather events, such as long periods of drought, or short intense precipitation. These can crucially affect vegetation and

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The triple P conundrum

Pasta, pizza and ParaView are the topics I want to talk about in this post. As a Catalan guy, I’m used to the Mediterranean diet and it is impossible for me not to talk about food when staying in Italy.

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Can you put bones in a blender?

In my previous post I mentioned that a team at IT4Innovations developed an interesting Plugin for Blender which is useful for processing Computed Tomography (CT) images. In this post, I will briefly discuss how this tool makes it extremely easy

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PRACE Summer of HPC 2017 Training Week

Most Summer of HPC participants arrived in Ostrava on Sunday. For them, an adventure that will see them away from home, friends and family for a period of two months had just began. But this adventure would see them working

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The Case of the Missing Device Function

It's me, browsing my Magic: the Gathering collection.

My project has been progressing quite well and a bit more of that in the next blog post. However, this time I present a more detailed description of the beginning of my project. The narrative may have been dramatized in

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Accelerating iterative solvers by chance

tools of the trade

The project I have laid my hands on goes under the fancy title of Hybrid Monte Carlo Method for Matrix Computation on P100 GPUs Now most will understand the ending, but not the beginning of the above. Thus I’ll endeavor

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Beats of Bratislava

First Impressions Here we go, my second official blog post (does this mean I can add blog writing to the skills section of my CV?). I think I’m starting to get the hang of this blog writing stuff (I’d appreciate

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My journey to the summer of HPC

—May all your dreams blossom ✿   Friends, are you considering applying for the PRACE Summer of HPC program but are concerned that you might not have the relevant experience? Are you worried that your programming skills are not good enough

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Vectorization and The eye of Jülich

Hello, with this post I would like to give an update about my project and other interesting activities. My current progress is mainly related to exercises for using vectorization and the Xeon Phi co-processors and therefore it would better to

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Collect-Organise-Visualise: A Visualisation Dashboard for Fostering the Exploration of Climate Data

Visualisation is realising a growing recognition as a pivotal part of the data analysis process. As the title suggests, the project aims to avail data visualisation to help the climate research community answer or discover interesting questions about the field.

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Discovering the secrets of El Niño

El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a major climate pattern that consists of oscillations of the meteorological parameters in the equatorial Pacific ocean. It happens every 2 to 7 years but it is not periodically stable. What is ENSO? Normal weather

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Make it simple but significant – HPC usage visualisation

Almost two weeks have passed since my first visit to EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. I met my mentor in the first week and we’ve started working on my project from the first minute of our meeting. A little

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Introduction: Trifactorization in Ljubljana

After an exciting training week in Ostrava, Paras and I had probably the most convenient travel possibility to our site because Leon brought us to Ljubljana by car. On the way, we made a small detour to listen to a concert

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The Sweet Sweet Sounds of Radio-City

Be it in films, visual arts or computer games, photorealistic rendering of a virtual scene has been a hot topic for decades. The ultimate aim of my project is to create a photorealistic render of a simple scene like the

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Full speed ahead – Accelerating ocean simulations

Coastal wave propagation Atlantic veros ocean simulation

How will Earth’s climate change in the next century? This is the kind of questions climate researchers ask themselves and the reason they develop global climate models. These are used to simulate conditions over long periods of time and under

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PRACE Summer of HPC 2017 Participants

Mr. Anton Lebedev, Hybrid Monte Carlo Method for Matrix Computation on P100 GPUs, BSC, Barcelona, Spain Mr. Aleksander Wennersteen, Monte Carlo and Deep Learning Methods for Enhancing Crowd Simulation, BSC, Barcelona, Spain Mr. Adrián Rodríguez Bazaga, Apache Spark: Are Big

Adding a new dimension to object tracking

point tracking, optical flow, lucas kanade

If you read my presentation blog post and you have come here expecting to see some nice visualizations about dying blowflies, then keep reading as I have a little surprise for you. As you may already know, my project is

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Letting things ‘flow’

After the stimulating training week at IT4Innovations, Ostrava we (me, Jan and our site supervisor Dr. Leon Kos) set forth on a long, exhausting but finally much rewarding drive towards Slovenia. Special thanks to Leon, as I got the opportunity

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Haggis actually isn’t half bad…

The Summer of HPC 2017 training week has long since passed and we have all started our projects in our respective countries. It has been about 2 weeks since we landed in Edinburgh and within that time I think I

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# Machine-Learning in Python for Well Log Correlation

# import Cup_Of_Tea as English_Tea # import Blog_Post as Introduction # Hello everyone 🙂 I am currently in Edinburgh, home of the biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet, and of course I am referring to the famous

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A first glance of Bratislava

Bratislava city picture

It’s been more than a week since the Summer of HPC program began, and these days have been quite interesting, getting to know members of the Computing Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and finding out more details about

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The HIPbit, or There and Back Again

Forschungszentrum Jülich is quite an interesting place to work at. You can think of it as a town in the middle of nowhere where over the half of the population are scientists or technicians. The research center even has its

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Artificial Brains for enhancing Crowd Simulations?!

A visualisation of a biological neural network.

Hi all, In my previous post I introduced myself and the SoHPC programme. Now it’s time for my project. Why Crowd Simulation? Throughout history, humankind has had a clear preference for grouping together in larger and larger groups. On the global scale, 54

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Under the spell of Athena (and Jupiter)

It was a very very long trip, which began on Sunday at 2 p.m. and ended on Monday at 11 pm (with a 15-hours stopover in Milan), but finally, I landed in Athens! Since first sight from the plane, I understood this was

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Visualising Human Skeletal Motion

In a nutshell, the objective of my project this summer is to develop a visualisation of real human skeletal motion based on motion capture. I will be working at IT4Innovations, the Czech national Supercomputing Center in Ostrava, where the Salomon

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When Big Data Becomes Too Big


As a guy from Central Europe, upon arriving to Bologna my first reaction wasn’t subtle: “Damn, it’s hot!”.  After two weeks of getting used to the weather, I can say that I am still boiling. I will return to temperatures

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Getting around CINECA – The beginning of web visualization.

“It was a warm summer evening in Ancient Greece…” says Sheldon Cooper when trying to teach some Physics to Penny. My story for the next two months, which I am going to explain in this blog, starts in a similar

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Forest Road, take me to the Summer of HPC…

It has been one and a half weeks since the PRACE Summer of HPC program has begun. I have settled here very well, having a quick run in the forest just before breakfast, enjoying the singing of the birds, working on the

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Jakub Nurski

Jakub Nurski on the summit of Sněžka, Czech Republic.

My name is Jakub Nurski. I am an ambitious B.Eng student of Computer Science in Poznan University of Technology in Poland. I also work there for a small start-up that provides innovative software for photovoltaic companies. Bringing green energy to

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Paras Kumar

Ljubljana, Triple Bridge, Ljubljanica, Slovenia

Hello Readers, as might be suggested by the title of this post, here I’ll try to introduce myself and also give a glimpse of what this amazing experience called the PRACE Summer of HPC program probably has in store for

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Philippos Papaphilippou

Welcome to the PRACE Summer of HPC website! My name is Philippos and I am one of the current participants. I have done my Bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Cyprus and my Master in Advanced Computer Science

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Edwige Pezzulli

My name is Edwige Pezzulli, I am a girl coming from the Eternal City – Rome, where I live with my wonderful dog, Moja. Currently, I am finishing my Ph.D. in Astrophysics at University La Sapienza. During my studies, I visited

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Mahmoud Elbattah

Hi, My name is Mahmoud, originally from Egypt, and currently a PhD student at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). I have been enjoying my time very much in Ireland. I love the vibrant campus of NUIG, and the

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Anton Lebedev

Careful theoretical analysis

“A typical German guy”. That is me, Anton Lebedev, according to my co-conspirator Aleksander Wennersteen, who will be joining me at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in Spain to work in the domain of general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPU)

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Jan Packhäuser

Hi, my name is Jan Packhäuser, and I am a 23 year old student from Germany. I was born and raised in a small Bavarian town called Miltenberg which is located close to the border of the federal states Baden

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Aleksander Wennersteen

You’re like a magical giant -Dimitra I’m 23 years old and in my third year of the five year MPhys in Mathematical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. This summer, I will be participating in the Summer of HPC, based

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Jamie Quinn

Awright troops, my name’s Jamie and I’ve been from Glasgow my entire life. Currently I’m doing my PhD at the University of Glasgow, researching the way viscosity in the solar atmosphere interacts with the magnetic field there. As part of

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Dimitra Anevlavi

Hello World.f95, my name is Dimitra Anevlavi and I am from Greece. I am 22 very proud years old 🙂 and I am currently in my 4th year of studies in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the National Technical

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Andreas Neophytou

Awkward Introductions So, I’m supposed to write a blog about myself and my project during the summer. I have no idea what to type and I suddenly feel a real kinship with this dog. Truthfully, I’d much rather hear about

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Sam Green

Hi, my name is Sam Green and I’m from a small city called Waterford in the South of Ireland. I grew up in the countryside surrounding the city (technically Kilkenny countryside but lets not get into those sort of details)

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Alessandro Marzo

alessandro marzo, summer of hpc

My name is Alessandro Marzo and I’m from Pesaro, Italy. If you never heard if it, just know that it is famous for two things: 1) it is the birthplace of the famous Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini and 2) it’s

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Konstantinos Koukas

My name is Konstantinos Koukas and I am a 22 years old student from Athens, Greece. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens. I plan

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Adrián Rodríguez Bazaga

Summer of HPC PRACE Adrián Rodríguez Bazaga

Hello there, my name is Adrián Rodríguez Bazaga and I’m a 21 years old guy from Valencia (the home of the Paella!), but I come from the beautiful island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. This is where I just

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Antti Mikkonen

Greetings from the far north! My name is Antti and I like all sorts of things mathematical. There’s just something very savoury about a well-structured, intuitive and dumbfounding mathematical proof. Basically, I like to look for problems and solve them.

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Shukai Wang

Hi everyone! I am Shukai Wang, a Chinese girl from a very very very beautiful city, called Hangzhou (you should visit!), I have spent my past 7 years in the UK but I am now following the two-month PRACE Summer of HPC program

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David Bourke

My name is David Bourke, and I am a Computer Engineering student studying for my integrated Masters degree in Trinity College Dublin (TCD). Before coming to TCD, I completed a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Dublin

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Arnau Miró

Hello everyone! My name is Arnau Miró. I am a 27 year old PhD student from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. I am currently located in a very nice city in Spain called Terrassa, which is about 30 km away from

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Petr Stehlík

Ahoj! My name is Petr and I come from a magical land of beer – Czech Republic. I live and study in Brno, the second largest city, sometimes called the Silicon Valley of central Europe. Last spring I finished my

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Ana Maria Montero Martinez

Hello world! My name is Ana María Montero and I am a 23 years old Physics student. I am from Spain and I come from a nice town close to the border with Portugal called Badajoz, where I also study.

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