Summer of HPC 2016

PRACE Summer of HPC programme is announcing projects for 2016 for preview and comments by students. Please send questions to coordinators directly by the 11th of January. Clarifications will be posted near the projects in question or in FAQ.

About the Summer of HPC program:

Summer of HPC is a PRACE programme that offers summer placements at HPC centres across Europe. Up to 20 top applicants from across Europe will be selected to participate. Participants will spend two months working on projects related to PRACE technical or industrial work to produce a visualisation or video. The programme will run from July 4th, to August 31th.

See the Timeline for more details.

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Recent posts

PRACE Summer of HPC 2015 Award Winners


It is our pleasure to announce the two young researchers, recognised for their outstanding performance in the PRACE Summer of HPC 2015 programme. On 15 December 2015 the SoHPC awards ceremony took place at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), Spain

SoHPC Awards Ceremony December 15th

MareNostrum Supercomputer © BSC 2013

The PRACE Summer of HPC (SoHPC) Awards Ceremony will take place on December 15th 2015 at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), home of the stunning MareNostrum Supercomputer. Two SoHPC participants will be honoured for their exceptional contribution to the Summer

An overview of my project

The quarks that are bound together to comprise a proton

  Now I have finished my time in Germany, I think it’s time I told you all a little about what I was actually doing there.  My project was entitled “Making Quarks Phli Further” and was basically on quantum chromodynamics

Final thoughts

Zoltan, Gabor and me.

Summer of HPC 2015 is over now and we have all returned to our homes, eager to work on new projects and using knowledge gained during the past 2 months. There have been some really interesting projects presented during the

Compiling and thriving


Finally, our visualization project gets its final shape. Users experience navigating within my website and find all the tools embedded. Daily several corrections are being done in order to develop an even more versatile and user friendly tool. Furthermore weekends

Final Reports on Summer of HPC


We have now reached the last week of the internship and I have just completed my final report. Summer of HPC has been a great experience. I learned a lot during the last two months and am pleased to have


Peta Flops

Laszlo, Sergio and I were very busy with work coming into the last two weeks of the internship. However, we still found time to let off some steam. With great happiness I’d like to announce the formation of the first

Parallelizing the Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi Method


After a quite general introduction to the topic of lattice QCD in my last blog post, in this post I will get a little bit more technical and describe the first part of my project that I have worked on

The Fast Multipole Method: A Coulomb solver for the masses


There is time for laughs and there is also time for being serious and getting things done. In this blog post I would like to summarize what I have learned about the Fast Multipole Method during this programme. This theoretical

Two months later…

Cycling to Queensferry.

The summer of HPC has come to an end and I have the best impressions. Let’s have a summary of these couple months. The summer started with a kick off meeting in Barcelona. Sunny weather and interesting lectures for 5

Timeline 2016

Projects preview and Application open date announced - 05 January 2016
Call for Applications - 13 January 2016
Call for Applications closes (extended) - 19 February 2016
Selection Panel Meeting 22-23 March 2016
Student Offers - 24 March 2016
Student acceptance deadline - 28 March 2015
Training Week @ JSC Germany - 04 July 2016 - 08 July 2016
Week 3 Plan submitted - 21 July 2016
Final Report submitted - 25 August 2016
Presentations - 30 August 2016
Awards Ceremony - planned for October 2016

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