How do you use a supercomputer?

To be honest, this post should have been written before the previous one. But as they say, better late than never. If the previous post consisted of describing the theoretical principles behind an aerodynamics simulation, this one is going to

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Change of plans

So… Remember the test environment setup I was working on last time? I had to drop it last week. The PCOCC installation took me some time and a lot of patience, but it did run through at the end. Unfortunately,

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Is benzene a nanotube?

Of course not, but I have input for benzene and I did the first tests of the electron density computation on this system. Before showing the results (Pretty figures!), I would like to tell you about the helical symmetry (something

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Nanotube-laboratory in a computer

I spent the first few weeks at Computing Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences getting familiar with the nanotube code. We actually changed the goal of the project a bit. The original plan was the further development of the

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Can’t `$ touch this`: Containerisation on permissioned HPC systems using Singularity

In my previous blog post, I discussed the advantages of containerisation when it comes to reproducibility. In short, if you package all of the tools necessary to run your experiments, you can ensure that in future, folk can rerun your

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No internet? Let the game begin

Dear reader, I know it has been only a few days since my last post, and I am also aware that you are not used to listening (or maybe reading!) from me so often. However here, at BSC, we are

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What Is Going On??

As promised, this is the picture of the house I am living in right now. Pretty good, right? Not as good as it seems though as I do not have air-conditioner in the house!!! I have to live in the

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Deep emotion recognition

A month has passed since my stay in IT4Innovations started. Apart from working on my project, which I will comment on below, I’ve been spending my weekends exploring Ostrava and some nearby cities.The first weekend started with a bang at

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Sun, milk and forests. Making the party go on

0 Setup Picture this.It’s 7 a.m. in the morning. Nobody speaks. You just woke up. You unpleasantly turn the lights on. You do your personal hygiene and other morning routines.You sit in kitchen, prepare breakfast, make coffee and pour milk

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How to know if your Deep Learning Algorithm actually learned anything

Hello from Luxembourg. If you read my previous post, you may be aware that this is where I’ll be spending my summer as part of the PRACE Summer of HPC programme. The official title for the project I’ll be doing

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We arrived at BSC; now what?

It was only recently that I realized this experience called SoHPC is already midway through and since it has been almost an entire month that I have been silent I decided to drop a few lines in order to give

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Removing the data processing ‘bird’en with Spark

Greetings dear audience. Sorry that I’ve been a little radio-silent over the last week. I guess you could say I dropped off the radar. Read on for another riveting installation of ‘Allison’s summer of HPC’. It’s hard to believe, but

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Understanding the basic principles

During my first three weeks at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) the material was mainly introductory to many different and interesting topics. I was firstly introduced to the topic of processors. I got myself familiar with the main architecture and

Building a supercomputer in a cloud

With my second week ending here at SURFsara, I’ve learned quite a bit about the background of my project and those insights have been very interesting, so I thought I’d share them with you! On a usual supercomputer, networks and

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Brief introduction​: STFC Hartree.

Much has happened since my previous post ( ) and I have been quite overwhelmed. Finally, I have found some time to evaluate the last two weeks and share my experience with you. The STFC-Hartree centre is my new

Dusting off some gold

Let’s go back, way back… The year is 2014. Pharrell Williams’ Happy is number 1 on the charts, and a former Etonian is Prime Minister of the UK. The motivating paper for my project is released: Toward the efficient use

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How Is an Aerodynamics Problem Solved? From Zero to Hero in 5 Steps

This post is intended to explain, from the very basics, how to deal with aerodynamics equations, in order to then understand why HPC (High Performance Computing) systems are so relevant to this matter. My aim is that, even (and especially)

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Episode 2: The fellowship of performance

Yay, the second post is finally here! You can know more about what I’ll be doing this summer and why my project is important.

This is just an overview, we will spell out the details in some future posts. Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about this post and contact me if you want to discuss about the project!

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Introducing a Vegan to Protein

As a vegan, I am undoubtedly familiar with protein and how important it is to our survival – even more so now that I have been studying it for my PRACE Summer of HPC Internship. More specifically, I have been

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Marconi invented radio in 1898. Today he is working on Gravitational Waves

1.3 billion years ago. Two blackholes which had being dancing, spiraling inexorably, for millions of years, finally merged in a distant region of the universe, rippling space-time . December 10th, 1909. Around 1000 guests are reunited at the Stockholm City

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