Igor Kunjavskij

Hi everyone, I’m Igor and am quite thrilled to be participating in this years Summer of HPC program organized by PRACE! Currently I am in the last term of my master studies in the field of Engineering Cybernetics at the

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Matteo Stringher

Hi everyone, I am Matteo, a recent graduate in Computer Engineering at the University of Padova in Italy. During this summer I will join the University of Luxembourg for a two-month long journey into High Performance Computing. I am really

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My name is Martin Molan. I come from Slovenia and I have just finished the first year of master’s program at IPS at Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana. Before that I obtained a BA in mathematics from University of Ljubljana.

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Noe Brucy

Me at Fontainebleau

Hello there ! Want to learn about computational astrophysics ? Then keep reading !

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Khyati Sethia

Hi there, I am super excited to welcome you! My name is Khyati and I come from Jaipur (India) – The Pink City. I am studying a Master’s in Data Science at the University of Salford. I am always passionate

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Antonio Miranda

Hi everyone. I am Antonio Miranda, writing from Bologna, where the second step of this adventure is taking place! And I say second because, as opposed to many of my colleagues, my journey actually started in Barcelona. There I had

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Arsenios Chatzigeorgiou

arsenios and marconi

What does a biologist do inside a supercomputer facility? Read this post to find out!

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Caelen Feller

About Me Hello! My name is Caelen, and I’m from Ireland. I’m currently in the final year of my undergraduate degree in mathematics in Trinity College Dublin. I love interesting solving interesting problems, and sharing them with others. When I

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Davide Di Giusto

Hi there, summer of High-performance computing has finally kicked off at CINECA, in Bologna, with the training week. Despite the high temperatures, we have been working quite hard, but hopefully, it will pay-off later. Useless to mention, everybody is super

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Sean Mahon

Hi. My name is Sean, I’m 22 years old and I’m currently in Bologna for the training week of the Summer of HPC programme run by PRACE. I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree in Theoretical Physics at Trinity College Dublin.

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Thizirie Ould Amer

Episode 1: Meeting amazing people, admiring nature and eating pizzas. Ciao, Hello, Salut, Hallo, Hola, γεια σας, Merhaba, Zdravo, Szia!* My name is Thizirie. I am from Algeria and I am studying in the baguette, fromage (cheese) and wine country,

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Benjamin Huth

Benjamin in front of a wooden column

Hi Summer-of-HPC-website-reader, I’m Benjamin from Regensburg in Germany. I started studying physics in 2013, and I really loved it (and still love it). But somehow during my master I realized, that even more than the pure physics, the programming and

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Mustafa Emre Şahin

Hello dear passengers, greetings from the beautiful city of Bologna! I will be your guide along the SoHPC 2019 journey with my topic “Hybrid Monte Carlo/Deep Learning Methods for Matrix Computation on Advanced Architectures” at the STFC Hartree Centre, Daresbury,

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Pablo Lluch

Hi everyone! My name is Pablo Lluch and I was born and raised in the hot and sunny south of Spain. However, I go to university in Edinburgh, UK where I’m doing my bachelors in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering.

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Andreas Nikolaidis

Hi everyone, My name is Andreas, I am 22 years old and I am from Cyprus. I am studying Mechanical engineering at Nottingham University in a 4-year course (MEng) and I have currently finished my third year of studies. During

Li Juan Chan

Introduction :: Who am I?Hello World, I am Li Juan Chan. I am currently a fourth year mechanical engineering student from the University of Manchester. You might be wondering how a mechanical engineering student ended up in a HPC research

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Jordy Ajanohoun

Hi! I am Jordy Ajanohoun, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Engineering Student. Welcome to my blog ! I am a 22 years old french student in the last year over 5 of my Master of Engineering program at Sorbonne University

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Allison Walker

Hi all! I’m Allison, and I have the great pleasure of being one of the participants in the 2019 Summer of HPC Program.  I am Canadian born, Australian raised, and I have just finished studying in Spain. My professional background

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Perry Gibson

Hello! My name is Perry, hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve just completed my first degree, an MInf in Informatics, at The University of Edinburgh. For my summer of HPC, I will be working at the BSC, Barcelona. I’m curious about

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David Izquierdo

Hi all! My name is David Izquierdo and I am 21 years old. I am from Sabiñánigo, a little town in the north of Spain, and I will be soon finishing my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in the University

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