Firstly, you need a local virtual instance of Hadoop with R, which you can download from Oracle Virtual Machine (or VMWare) and the image from Mint-Hadoop.ova. This ova file already contains a working version of Hadoop & RStudio. Starting Hadoop …

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Data is the Currency!

Welcome, all! I have been working on an Industrial electricity consumption prediction project. I have received this data from a Slovene company which sells electricity to its customers. The dataset is a 15 mins Electricity Consumption data spanning one year …

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Pozdravljeni iz Slovenije! Today I want to share my experience with you about the training week of SoHPC in CINECA (Supercomputing Centre for Scientific Research in Bologna, Italy). The week started with meeting new people from different countries. We attended …

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Hi there, I am super excited to welcome you! My name is Khyati and I come from Jaipur (India) – The Pink City. I am studying a Master’s in Data Science at the University of Salford. I am always passionate …

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Project reference: 1923 The project will consist of: Getting to know Hadoop and RHadoop; Defining big data source related to Industry 4.0; Creating and storing big data files (BD); Preparing BD for basic analysis; Defining predictive model and writing RHadoop …

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