Vojtech Nikl

Firstly, I would like to thank everybody involved in the Summer of HPC 2014 program! I have had a great time so far and I have learnt a lot about data visualization and HPC in general.

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Konstantina Lazaridou

I’d like to thank the PRACE SoHPC for the opportunity to work in CINECA’s super computing center. It is a very important experience for me and I am fully enjoying my presence here. The working environment is incredible, regarding both the people working here and the facilities. I have been looking forward to practicing computer science in a high quality organization, such as CINECA, for a long time.

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Rajagopal Hariharan

The disappointment of my delayed arrival due to visa issues was quickly made up by the warm welcome that Edinburgh provided me. For a long time, I have heard about how Edinburgh has dull weather even during summer, when it tends to be wet and windy. This summer, however seems to be different with most days being bright and sunny, almost perfect for camping.

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Nedim Hadzic

I arrived in Edinburgh on a cloudy Sunday and what surprised me immediately is that there were only a couple of people on the streets. Well, later I learned that I’m in a residential area, but afterwards I discovered the beauties of this amazing medieval city.

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Marco Borelli

My name is Marco Borelli, and I’m writing from Jülich, Germany. For my Summer of HPC project I was assigned to the supercomputing facility of Jülich Forschungszentrum, a beautiful research center located in the region of North Rhein-Westphalia. My project consists of an implementation of the Fast Multipole Method on (GP)GPUs.

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David Hermosa Garcia

The past weeks at the Forschungszentrum in Juelich (Germany) have been awesome. I’ve been granted a bike to move around and I found myself enjoying the differences between my place in Spain and here. I suppose it’s the same as traveling anywhere else, but the weather, the forests and the German culture in general are a great change for me.

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Girish Ramesh

Tokamaks, visualization, ParaView, high performance computing (HPC) and parallelism. Phew! It’s been a whirlwind of a month as I wind up the first half of my project “ParaView plugin for fusion data structures”.

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Allah Rakha

Wind barriers are artificial structures designed for wind protection. Their function is to reduce wind velocity within a certain distance. The numerical simulations were set to simulate the wind barrier. For this Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation we applied cell-centered numerics, a segregated approach on a collocated, unstructured grid. The three-dimensional finite volume method was used for reynold average navier stokes equations (RANS) equation discretization. This computational study of fluid turbulence of wind barriers was done by using well-known CFD models.

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Nicola Luminari

Hello my name is Nicola Luminari and I come from Italy; now I’m about to finish my last year of a Master degree in Naval Architecture at University of Genova.
Here in Ostrava, my colleague Martin Weber and I, are working on a project that will develop a racing car video game.

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Martin Weber

I am a computer science student from Austria. will spend this summer at the HPC facilities in Ostrava developing a car race game demonstration.

I am studying at JKU Linz and currently finishing the bachelor program. In my further studies at university, I am going to focus on machine learning and high performance computing. Besides studying I like going out with my friends from university. My favourite sports is skiing in the Austrian mountains.

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SoHPC14’ Best Student Prize winner: Nicola Luminari

We are happy to announce that Nicola Luminari from Italy has won the SoHPC14 Best Student Prize! Nicola was on placement through the programme in the Czech Republic at IT4Innovations(VSB-Technical University of Ostrava), under the supervision of his project mentor

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Hosting Sites & Projects


Successful applicants will have the opportunity to spend two months at one of the following hosting sites, working on these projects:   CINECA  –  Consorzio Interuniversitario Bologna,Italy http://www.cineca.it/en Visualizing the results of the project “The way to heating the solar

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