Muhammad Omer Cem Oran Neli Sedej George Katsikas Seán McEntee Cathal Maguire Aisling Paterson Stefan Popov Nathan Byford Roberto Rocco Petar Đekanović Jerónimo Sánchez García Irem Kaya Alexander Julian Pfleger Antonios-Kyrillos Chatzimichail Busenur Aktilav Berker Demirel Andres Vicente Arevalo Marco …

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Award adjudication panel consisting of members of PRACE Management Board, PRACE Board of Directors, Scientific Steering Committee, PRACE communications and SoHPC team announced the winners of awards for Summer of HPC 2020 edition. PRACE Summer of HPC 2020 Best Performance …

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I have summarized my work in this year’s SoHPC internship and also shared my experience in my final blog post here. Do give it a read and post feedback if any!!!

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Hi again! In my last post I mentioned how we parallellized the decision tree algorithm with MPI and how much performance gain we obtained with increasing number of cores. In this post I would like to briefly discuss how the …

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SoHPC started about 2 months ago… If you tell me this I think you are lying: how can so many events happen in just two months? I feel like a year passed since the start: we dealt with so many things that I can hardly remember the first ones. By the way, it’s time now to summarize what has been done and how to continue our effort in this project.

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Well… what a summer! If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d be using a supercomputer to run simulations on submarines, I’d have thought you were crazy – and then probably asked where I can sign up! It’s been a …

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As you can see from the title this will be the last blog I wrote.SoHpc 2020, each day of which is an adventure, is coming to an end.Let’s take a look at what happened in the last week.Fasten your seatbelts …

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Supercomputers are able to perform a huge number of operations per second. But having a powerful machine is not the only ingredient for short execution times – the software has to be optimized and has to exploit all available resources. …

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As I mentioned previously, the main goal of our project is to improve the performance of a ‘decision tree’ algorithm using High Performance Computing (HPC) parallelization tools such as MPI and GASPI. In this post I will try to explain …

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We’ve reached the end of the road, or at least this one. It was quite a summer for me and I would like to tell you about the impressions I’ve gathered during the summer and wrap up the story about the project in which I’ve participated.

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In the last blog post we had a look at quite superficial performance improvements for Python programs. This time we try to surpass those limits by creating our own modules from scratch – in C++.

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Most people have heard of the exponential function that maps an arbitrary real (or even complex) number x to but what happens if x is not a number but a matrix? Does the expression with a square matrix even make …

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Hello everyone, unfortunately, this is my last blog post, but I am very happy to have spent 2 months in the Summer of HPC.  I don’t remember a summer when I learned so much and improve myself. In my previous post, …

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In this last blog post, I will review the experience of my associate Sara and myself within the summer of HPC in a quantum computing analogy. Since we did not know if the summer of HPC would be good or …

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my fourth and last blog post about my work on SoHPC 2020. Today, I will explain one last optimisation and then I will share the project’s video presentation with you. So let’s get started! Optimised CUDA …

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I’ve been telling myself this motto for almost the last 3 weeks.It encouraged me while working on the project, maybe it will help you too.So do you want to take a look at what happened after my last blog post? …

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Dear readers, this summer has flown by, and now it is time to tie up any loose ends. As the countdown continues, my colleague and I are hard at work wrapping everything up.

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After 2 months of planning and training the results are finally ready. If you want to check how we made it and what we achieve keep reading…

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Hello everyone, it’s Elman, again!!! If you are read my first blog post you should know I am an intern in SURFsara and this blog I will give you some basic information about HPC systems and what I do in …

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Hello everyone and welcome to my last blog post of this Summer of HPC 2020. As I told you on my previous post, these last weeks of the summer I’ve been working on analyzing the performance of Alya. Alya is …

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