Support & Training

What kind of support will be made available to me?

Participants will have access to a Project Mentor on site to support them in their day-to-day needs on the project. Participants will also have access to a Site Co-ordinator on site who will support them with any non-technical issues. Participants will participate in a weekly phone conference with other participants across Europe and a support co-ordinator to discuss progress and highlight any issues. In addition participants will have access to a support forum.

What information can you give me about the final reports?

The final reports are written in a popular scientific style. Usually two or three pages in a multicolumn format with figures. The purpose of these reports is to present your summer work to the general public and compete for one of the awards. Adittionally, short videos/presentations are created to demonstrate your work. For all that, support from mentors and programme coordinator will be given. Initial training week at JSC includes one day visualisation and other tools of the trade.


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